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Best sake menu in Manhattan?

Was wondering if you all had suggestions for good sake bars or restaurants with particularly expansive sake menus. I've enjoyed Sakagura in the past, and somehow always end up going back to Decibel (despite getting poor to terrible service every time I go), but was hoping to find someplace else with a great list.

211 East 43rd Street, New York, NY 10017

Nov 06, 2009
exexpat in Manhattan

First date in Greenpoint?

Going on a first date to a concert in Greenpoint, and we're meeting up to eat before hand. Have never been to the neighborhood, not much of an idea of what to expect, but looking for someplace conducive to a first date. Nice (as in clean) but not fancy, decently priced and with good food. Really just a bite to eat before the show, so someplace fairly simple. Where does everyone like to eat out in Greenpoint?

Nov 10, 2007
exexpat in Outer Boroughs