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Guatemalan Paches

I'm in Guatemala for the summer, enjoying fresh paches, and I'm worried that they are unavailable in NYC. If you haven't heard of it, it's like a tamal but with potato instead of corn, steamed in a plantain leaf. Anyone know of a place that has them? I know that Tierras Centro Americanas has authentic Guatemalan tamales such as chuchitos, but I don't think they have paches. I'm too lazy/busy to make them. Any tips?

Chao Thai vs Chao Thai Too

Hello. Long time reader, first time posting. Thanks for all of your awesome tips.

I've been to Chao Thai Too a couple of times and LOVE it. Better than SriPraPhai in my opinion. However, I've never been to the original Chao Thai. Besides Chao Thai Too looking newer, is the food any different? Which do you like better? What's your favorite thing to eat there?