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Casual Restaurants/Bars

I really was wondering if there are any local gems that aren't so formal. While we will be tourists, I would rather not wait in line at the so-called tourist traps if possible.

Any neighborhood is fine and I notice I got the dates wrong above - 4/16 - 4/20. Thanks again!

Apr 13, 2011
AckAck in New Orleans

Casual Restaurants/Bars


A group of two couples will be arriving late afternoon Saturday and staying through Wednesday. Most of the recommendations I see on this board would be fine price-wise, but we don't want to get dressed up at all. We are pretty much shorts and tee shirts kind of folks. However, we do love great food and would like to experience a few of NOLA's great restaurants. Can you go to places like August at lunchtime in casual attire or is that complete lunacy?

Any help is appreciated. We need suggestions for breakfast, lunch and dinner at all price points. Also, if there is something great coming up we shouldn't miss during the dates of 4/6-4/20, please let me know.


Apr 13, 2011
AckAck in New Orleans

Corner - Hampden

Has anyone tried this place yet?


What exactly do you mean by "yuck?"

Lunch before show at Mann Center Saturday

Hi all,

Visiting Philly to see Furthur at the Mann Center on Saturday. We'll be in town for lunch Saturday and brunch Sunday. We're staying at Best Western Center City, but will have a car and can travel anywhere. Casual attire is a must. Any cuisine is fine.


Jul 06, 2010
AckAck in Philadelphia

Gift Certificates - Richmond, VA

Hello hounds,

Every year I buy gift certificates for $50 - $100 at various restaurants for my family members who live Richmond. (I do not). In the past, I have gotten Comfort, Mamma Zu's, Edo Squid, Millie's, the other restaurant from the same owners?, Can Can and some others I can't remember.

Any suggestions? All cuisines fine.


Nov 30, 2009
AckAck in Mid-Atlantic

Stuffing/Dressing - Do you add egg?

I've noticed many of the recipes call for an 1-3 eggs in their stuffing recipes, which I have never tried. What do you think?

Nov 19, 2009
AckAck in Home Cooking

Finger Lakes - Current!

We'll be on the west side of Cayuga Lake and plan on spending some time in Ithaca.

Finger Lakes - Current!

Hello all,

Most of the recs on this board are fairly dated. What is not to be missed? All cuisines are fine and we would prefer a fairly casual atmosphere. Price is not too much of a factor unless it is very formal. We will be camping.

Also, any wineries that are especially tasty, interesting, scenic? Our tastes do not necessarily run towards the sweet wine the region is known for, but we are open to everything.


Three - Baltimore

I got a gift card for Christmas. Has anyone been lately?

Gift Cards - Richmond, Va

I would like to buy gift cards for restaurants in Richmond for family members as Christmas gifts, but have not lived there in years. I will probably spend around $50 per card, but overall cost of dinner can be around $100 for 2 people. Any type of cuisine is fine and all locations are okay. Successful gifts from the past have included Millie's, Comfort, Mamma Zu, Edo Sushi and Patina Grill. These can be repeated if necessary.


Dec 02, 2008
AckAck in General South Archive

Chameleon Cafe- Kid Friendly?

Its probably OK. I've seen kids in there, and the owners have two toddlers and are nice folks.

Woodberry Kitchen

Whatever you do, make sure you dont get seated upstairs. The service is HORRIBLE.

Where can I find chorizo!?!?

Try the Wine Source in Hampden. They have a good deli counter with various gourmet meats and cheeses. Pretty sure they have chorizo


Bertha's is an institution - I havent been there in a few years, but the bar is a great place to get a pint on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon (the cask conditioned bitter is good). I used to eat there and thought the food was decent, but I never, ever think about it as a place to have dinner. Maybe I'll have to check it out again. Good food or no, I hope it never, ever closes.

Baltimore Pho - Hollins Market area (long)

My wife and I went Friday night, and had a mixed experience. First, I was surprised at the upscale decor and the attempt at "sophistication" i.e. - taking our coats, uniforms and ties on the waitstaff. This is Sowebo for christ sakes and we were dressed very casually, as were the other diners. Once we sat down the waitstaff was eager and freindly, but maybe too attentive - I barely had time to read the menu, let alone the story about the restaurant, etc. before 2 servers were asking if we were ready to order.
So, we both ordered the rare beef pho, paper rolls and crispy spring rolls. We really liked both rolls - fresh ingredients, lettuce, mint, pickled carrots and apple to roll the spring rolls in; hoisin sauce and nuoc cham sauce were good. And We both liked the prawn crackers.
Now on to the pho - We both agreed, the broth was weak. Sort of watery and flavorless. It would be much better if it had some more fat and a healthy dose of fish sauce. Not a hard thing to remedy but it is certainly important. The condiments and veggies were fresh and tasty, but I had to dump anything I could, plus the nuoc cham sauce in it to get some flavor. I had the vietnamese coffee for dessert, which I enjoyed - I did not find it watery. Overall, we were disappointed, as we were hoping for some good pho in the city limits. I think I would come back, but not order the pho. They had alot of other interesting dishes on the menu, and the prices are reasonable. .....One good thing - its better than Saigon Remembered!!

Good Calamari in Baltimore?

Samos is the best, but Tapas Teatro has had good grilled calamari every time I've been, and Joe Squared Pizza has good fried calamari.

Best brunch in Baltimore

Koopers has a very good brunch. Huge portions, tasty, comes with fresh fruit, a few interesting omlettes (I had pretty much a standard breakfast so I cant really expound on anything) and big, strong Bloodys.
Slainte is supposed to have a good brunch too (we were headed there the morning we at at Koopers but it was too crowded, so we went to Koopers).
Also, in the Irish vein, recently had a fairly decent brunch at James Joyce. Good bangers and black pudding and bloodys.

Pho in Sowebo

Any news on this place?

Pho in Sowebo

Does anyone know when or if this place has opened? We are desperate for some decent Vietnamese in the city.

My Thai Baltimore - recommendations?

I went there a few weeks ago and liked it. My wife's curry was good, except it could have used a few more veggies. I got a beef dish with basil and chilis and it was hot but not insanely so. Prices are reasonable, service was OK and atmosphere was casual and fine for Thai. I would go here over the overpriced Thai Landing any day.

Cynthia's in Severna Park

Anyone been to this place? I'm going there for a work holiday lunch. Someone in our office
chose it based on a review of it in the Post. Looks pretty good but wondering if anyone has eaten there and if the review is accurate, yada yada..


Frustrated former DC chick now in Canton

I second the suggestions for Peters Inn (one of the best meals I've eaten recently, and its cozy and just damn cool), Salt and Blue Moon for breakfast. There are plenty of latin restaurants in Fells Point. La Cazuela at 1718 Eastern Ave has really good Ecuadorian food. Also, venture further east along Eastern Avenue and go to Greektown, specifically, Samos. They dont take reservations, but if there is a wait its for a good reason. The food is great, its casual and its BYOB. The "Tour of Samos" sampler is amazing.

Help! I need a Kid friendly suggestion in Baltimore

Golden West is definately kid friendly. Despite the slacker/hipster waitstaff, their service has improved a little and the food is still solid. We tend to go a little before peak hours as service tends to be better when its not crowded.

Recent Chameleon Cafe visit?

Nothing has changed, same owner/chef. My wife and I went there twice this summer for the Maryland Menu. Every bite of food was delicous, and we had great service. Thats too bad about your hassenpfeffer, but every place slips up once in a while.The Fall menu looks really good. I want to try the venison.

visiting baltimore, where to get? and pizza find.

The Canopy in Ellicott City and Catonsville actually has good pit beef, and pit ham, pork and turkey. Havent eaten there in a while, but it was always pretty good, not dried out.