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A southbound New Englander

Thanks you guys for your suggestions. I'll be looking into all of these before we head down.

It does look like 75 is our fastest option, but we're definitely willing to detour.

And if you guys want a quick laugh at just how not from the South we are, I just encountered the term "meat and three" for the first time in this thread.

Thanks again!

Jan 25, 2013
NateMayhem in Atlanta

A southbound New Englander

My girlfriend and myself, both lifelong Bostonians, will be flying into Atlanta and driving south to Albany for a wedding in late March. As you can imagine, driving through rural Georgia is not an opportunity that arises often for us. I was hoping someone would be kind enough to offer a couple suggestions to blow our Yankee minds somewhere along the drive. We're looking for that real Southern experience everyone's always going on about. I know this covers a ridiculously large area, but any help would truly be appreciated. Thank you in advance.

Jan 24, 2013
NateMayhem in Atlanta