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Best and worst on the Outer Banks

The formula is very simple on keeping the mom and pop restaurants going AND successful. I spent 24 years in the restaurant business and the last 16 years selling all kinds of food to restaurants. The chains are known for consistency even if it's mediocre know what you're gonna get. If the mom and pops would stick to these few things and do them consistently well, most would solve their own problems.
1. A clean looking exterior with all the lights working properly
2. Someone who is friendly greeting you once inside the door
3. Fast, but not too fast friendly service and be knowledgeable with your menu.
4. Easy one....serve hot food hot and cold food cold and serve it fresh and tasty..use local in season ingredients
5. Clear plates and glasses as the meal progresses
6. Friendly thank yous and goodbyes upon end of meal and exiting

These 6 things are the ONLY things important to a restaurants success in season and out of season.

These 6 things are

Jan 24, 2013
brucecarchman in Southeast