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What's the healthiest oil for deep frying?

What's the healthiest oil for deep frying? NONE
If there is such a thing? NO
I want to fry fish and French fries. But, you don't have to....
No to olive oil right? RIGHT
Also, olive oil is expensive for frying, no? N/A

Dear LuluTheM! I understand the delicious flavor of fried foods - mmmmm. But fried food is not healthy. And, although there are health benefits to plant-based fats, once the oils are removed from the source, they must be used in moderation.

I love red palm oil and coconut oils - organic and UNrefined. I use them, and olive oil, both in cooking and raw, in small amounts. Some brands, such as Louana, are highly refined and just bad.

Canola, or rapeseed, oil is mostly GMO and chemically polluted. Any oil that is chemically extracted should be avoided (Hexane, anyone? gaaaaak!)

If you want to include healthy fats in your diet, eat plenty of raw and organically produced vegetables, nuts and seeds. Some tropical fruits, such as avocado and durian, also have healthy fats.