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Things you wish you could "Untaste"?

MARZIPAN (and almond extract in general, really)

Jan 22, 2013
makeit_alice in General Topics

New Yorker in Toronto

Ethiopian House at Yonge and Wellesley (Wellesley Station) for the best Ethiopian in Toronto.

Banh Mi Boys at Queen and Spadina for quick, cheap banh mi sandwiches and buns.

I ate too much of it once...

Nutella. After I had first tried it, I ate a whole jar in pretty much two days. Nutella-flavoured desserts have never appealed to me since then (especially in crepes and gelato).

Jan 22, 2013
makeit_alice in General Topics

Many vanilla beans

Cashew milk!

And vanilla scones would probably be yummy too..

Jan 22, 2013
makeit_alice in Home Cooking

Your favorite unusual ice cream flavors in stores

WOW! Definitely want to try these!

Jan 22, 2013
makeit_alice in General Topics

Overripe Fuyu Persimmon?

It's okay if you "over-ripe" persimmons -- the taste is virtually the same as a well-ripened one. These persimmons definitely have a hard-to-describe sweet, vanilla-y taste you mentioned but isn't overpowering like, say, a honeydew melon. Slightly cinnamon-y too.

Plus, the brown spots inside are completely normal. I grew up on them (I'm Korean so we eat these all the time and when I was younger, they were hard to describe to my Caucasian friends), so I bite into them with the skin like an apple.

You should try Hachiya persimmons! Now THOSE are sweet (and again, growing up, we used to freeze them and scoop out the inside like ice cream... I still prefer to eat them like apples :P).

What are you favour 3 cuisines?


Jan 22, 2013
makeit_alice in General Topics

Survey: What is your favor condiment for toast?

PB&J + cottage cheese on top. Try it!

Jan 22, 2013
makeit_alice in General Topics