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Problems with cleaning a SS pan set

Dear blaireso,
It makes my heart heavy to hear arthritis, I'm dealing with Parkinson’s, how these insidious disorders take our abilities, talent, crafts from us, a little bit at a time...Just Insidious!

Hearts52 and I agree, far superior to supermarket fare, when I worked in my families Pizzeria we got scrubbers called "Curlycues" at Diversey Ave Store Fixtures. In comparison to grocery store look alikes they were pro grade with maybe a 90 day life expectancy.

One night Bari ( the woman I should have married, what a putz I am ) well, she came to take me home and Aunt Rose came with her, I'm busting suds on the sauce pots and iron,
looking at the scrubber Aunt Rose says "what are you using honey OY! what a schlock! they give you this to work with!" she just happened to have a Fuller pad in her bag, she was an incredible pro cook and this was part of her kit.

"Dear I'm not one to kibitz, use this I'll get more it will last forever, Finish up lets go home"

This is how the Fuller Stainless scrubber found me

Thanks Aunt Rose, you taught me so much

Sep 26, 2013
OlChicago in Cookware

Problems with cleaning a SS pan set

Thank you for the Fuller Brush lead, I forgot all about these when I left Chicago, just found 'em 3 for $8.49 at,

If they ever become nasty and "Odouriffus" (thanks to grandsons unique vocabulary) Just stick it in the dishwasher.
Hope this is some assistance for you, once again thank you!

Sep 24, 2013
OlChicago in Cookware

Problems with cleaning a SS pan set

As Hambone says, Caustic soda is widely available in the states, one trade name is "Louis Lye" usually found with drain cleaners, This should be an indicator of the aggressive qualities,
You can also find "Food grade Lye" which is used in making pretzels, bagels..... PS, Do Not ever introduce caustic soda and aluminum, the caustic soda holds high animosity for aluminum!

Sep 24, 2013
OlChicago in Cookware

Problems with cleaning a SS pan set

Hi J_tay,
My kitchen is Granma's Wagner Ware cast iron that came from Great Granma, it's been round the block more than once.

After cooking on these nearly 3/4 of a century I can honestly say I'm a master of seasoned non stick cooking surfaces, that being said I am stuck with a suck a_ _ electric range so I purchased my first stainless steel piece,a Presto 1.5 KW stainless wok, I must admit from every aspect I've been pleased.

Since I didn't know you shouldn't or couldn't season SS alloys, being the consummate ignorant redneck I just treated it like any other iron based utensil, follow the rules and it will treat you right!

1, Never Never Ever use soap or detergent! To strip damaged seasoning or prepare iron for seasoning a very strong ( like 1/2 box to 1quart ) solution of baking soda and hot water just under a boil @ least 1/2 hour, replenish water as required. ( The solution will do about 3 skillets ) Pour solution into the next pan to clean or discard. Rinse thoroughly with hot water.

2. Using Kosher salt, a curlicue or scotchbrite pad scrub as required, ( You will be surprised at how little effort is required )
Rinse thoroughly with hot water and dry with paper towels Immediately, don't dally rust begins almost instantly on air dry.

3. immediately coat warm pan with bacon fat or lard, put into a 325 deg oven, If you can do this all day, re-coat the pans every hour or so. I did say Bacon Fat (clear rendered) or store bought Lard.
They are the only all natural shortenings
( just for fun open another tab in your browser, do a wiki for making vegetable oil, after I did I threw out everything but the olive and expeller cold pressed coconut oils)
All vegetable, Olive and Coconut oils will result in a yellow brownish coating that always is "tacky or sticky" and will not carbonize into the substrates pours.

To maintain a seasoned surface is so easy..really!
Resist All Temptation To Use Soap Or Detergent!
Immediately after cooking rinse and wipe out with paper towels, if it needs scrubbed, Kosher salt and scotchbrite pad
rinse, dry, re coat with Bacon Fat or Lard and stuff it in the oven. Honestly it's been years since I've had to scrub a pan, just wipe out, re coat and stuff in a 325 oven, what could be easier ? I treat the SS wok the same but don't stuff it in the oven, it get plugged in and run up to 325, Don't know if it's right or wrong but it seems to work fine, see no need to change kitchen protocol for now.

Just for the record I'm 73 years young and cook at least twice a day for myself and a few neighbors and their kids, I still love it.

Sep 13, 2013
OlChicago in Cookware

Good Chinese and Asian anywhere in Florida???

In Tampa the critically acclaimed and Chowhound approved "China Yuan" is on the west side of Armenia, just north of Waters Ave. (behind the Winn Dixie) The strip mall has a RO water vending machine in a PVC windmill disguise at the front of the mall.

Also noteworthy, the "Din-Ho" Asian Market a wonderful source of almost everything a cook could desire is in the same mall, this area of Tampa (Egypt Lake) also hosts several small Vietnamese and Thai restaurants. could be a pleasant place to spend a long weekend.

(PS. take your spouse, it's easy to spend way too much @ Din-Ho, permission is easier to obtain than forgiveness from a spouse)

Mar 19, 2013
OlChicago in Florida