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Panna: iPad App

Who has this app and what are your thoughts? I really like it. It's informative, I like having a video demonstration instead of just the recipe, the videos are high quality, I like getting a peek at these chefs' home kitchens, and all the dishes are something I would try. I bought a year's subscription, so I'm looking forward to the upcoming issues..

However, it could stand for a bit of improvement. Anita Lo seems a little uncomfortable and tense in front of the camera. I think she could benefit from a little rehearsing. I'm the exact same way, which is why I rehearse almost everything I say, even when leaving a phone message. Same with Michael Tusk. Jonathan Waxman and Rick Bayless are the two who are naturally comfortable on camera.

Also, some care for sanitation should be shown. One video has the chef using the chopping block to cut up raw meat and other ingredients that are going to be cooked, which is fine, but then starts working on the garnish before she flips it to the other side. Well, it's already contaminated at this point. And I hate when chefs only wipe their hands on a dishcloth after working with raw meat.

What do you all think?

Jan 21, 2013
Bakerowl in Food Media & News

Good casual dining options in NoVa

The Wine Kitchen in Leesburg is great. You don't even really need to be a wine enthusiast to enjoy it (I'm not a fan of wine). The food and desserts are fantastic. It's a small place in a blink-and-you'll-miss-it location in downtown Leesburg, but it's a really nice, semi-casual atmosphere.

Outstanding Sushi on NoVA?

I really enjoy Otani in Sterling (also a location in Chantilly). The staff is excellent, the sushi delicious, and there are always Groupons available.