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Dining with 1 Year Old

Thanks for all of the great suggestions! We ate wonderfully on this trip! A trip report follows and I’ve tried to include stroller/high chair info in case that helps any families out down the road…

Day One:
Snack- Boston Chowda: Heavy rain necessitated an impromptu visit to Quincy Market, so we tried the New England Clam Chowder and Lobster Bisque. Both were nice, especially the chowder.
Dinner- Gourmet Dumpling House: We ordered scallion pancakes, mini juicy pork dumplings, and Sliced Fish Szechwan style. The pancakes were good, but I felt a bit overrated. The dumplings were probably my favorite dish of the trip, so tender and flavorful! The fish was the perfect level of heat for us and way more than we could eat. We only waited about 10 minutes for a table around 6:30 on a weekday. The restaurant is tiny, so we went without a stroller.

Day Two:
Breakfast- Mike’s Pastry: Ordered almond biscotti and a lobster tail. Both were good and the shop was mostly empty at 9:00. Baby was given an anise biscotti by the counter staff, which he inhaled.
Lunch- Regina Pizzeria: Had the #10 Margherita and #20 Napoletana (Anchovy and Capers). Both were fantastic. This was the best pizza that we have had outside of Italy. There was no wait at 1:30, but it was crowded. We also did not have the stroller with us and would not have wanted it in here.
Dinner- Fenway Park: Grabbed some Legal Chowder and a Fenway Frank at the stadium. Both were fine. Again, no stroller.

Day Three:
Breakfast- Flour (Four Point Channel): My husband ordered a bacon & egg sandwich and loved the Dijon horseradish sauce. I had the French toast with bacon. The French toast was excellent, but the bacon was way overcooked. It was obvious they dumped it in a fryer and I much prefer it off a flat top. We split a sticky bun too, which lived up to the hype for us. Sign outside said that strollers were not allowed during “busy hours.” We ate outside, but there were a couple of families with babies eating inside as well. There were highchairs available.
Lunch- Legal Seafoods (Long Wharf): We started with raw oysters and both ordered lobster rolls. I liked that the meat was in large chunks and minimally dressed. It all tasted great to us, but we are 900 miles away from the nearest ocean at home. They were very accommodating to our little guy, holding the stroller in the lobby for us while we dined outside and bringing a high chair.
Dinner- Xihn Xihn: Great Vietnamese! I ordered the Banh Hoi Bo Nuong (beef vermicelli wraps) and my hubby got the Bun Heo Nuong (grilled pork vermicelli). Both were light, fresh, and flavorful, everything you want Vietnamese food to be. This was a small place, but had highchairs and would have had room for a stroller if necessary.

Day Four:
Breakfast- Modern Pastry: We picked up some almond biscotti and a sfogliatelle. I preferred the texture of Mike’s biscotti, but enjoyed the flavor of Modern’s better. Baby adored the sfogliatelle!
Lunch- Dino’s (North End): Great little counter-service restaurant. We both got the Dino’s Special (capicola, mozzarella, tomato, basil, balsamic). It was so simple, but the ingredients were great quality, so it made for an awesome lunch. Dine-in customers were sparse, so we were able to work this with the stroller. They seem to do a healthy carry-out business.

Dining with 1 Year Old

Thanks for the link. I did see this thread when I did an archive search, but since the OP had already narrowed the selection down quite a bit I thought I would post more generally. It is great to hear first hand experience though.

Dining with 1 Year Old

Thanks for the recommendations so far! He's just 12 months old (not walking yet) and is still happy to be in a high chair for 45 minutes or so. He goes out to eat at home at least once a week, so he's accustomed to that routine. However, we would need any prospective eateries to either have high chairs or be a stand up place where he can be in the carrier (he refuses to stay in the carrier if we are sitting down).

Dining with 1 Year Old

My husband and I will be in town for 3 days next week. Our 1 year old will be with us and I'm looking for lunch and dinner suggestions that would please all of us. We are open to anything, but are especially interested in seafood, Chinese, and Italian. I'd like to keep it within a 30 min. walk from Granary Burying Ground near where we are staying, but would hop on the T for something spectacular.

Bloomington/Normal, IL Dinner Suggestions

I’m looking for dinner recommendations in B/N. Everything in the archive is pretty outdated. I went to ISU and my parents now live in town (they don’t eat out), but I’m still pretty ignorant of the local non-chain options. We’ve frequented Lucca’s and Maggie Miley’s recently, but that is about it. Any cuisine and price range is ok as long as the food is fresh and delicious. Suggestions?

Jan 19, 2013
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