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Salvage my Pound Cake?

I was in the middle of whipping up this recipe and accidentally tossed in a tsp of baking soda rather than the tsp of baking powder it asked for. Is there anything I can add to my batter to level things out? I do have buttermilk and yogurt in the fridge if I'll need to add some acidity.

EDIT: Just noticed it had actually asked for a 1/2 tsp of baking powder (this is what I get for having different versions of the same recipe next to each other on my browser). I ended up pouring in a cup of buttermilk and following the rest of the recipe as stated, though I probably should have tossed in another 1/4 tsp of salt or so. Will report back... keeping my fingers crossed!

Mar 16, 2013
rinkatink in Home Cooking

What Makes Indian Curries Sweet?

Hi, Nichiro:

I don't have any doubts about its lack of authenticity. As I mentioned, at the time, that was not a priority of mine as a novice chef. I've actually had the pleasure of visiting India for a month and know fully well the great disparity between what recipes can be found online/locally in the states versus eating in the homeland.

That said, I look forward to your recipes.

Mar 12, 2013
rinkatink in Home Cooking

Favorite way to use kimchi?

As a Korean fed daily on homemade kimchi growing up, I say it goes with EVERYTHING. Eggs, rice (if you're bored of fried, try risotto), soups, stews, BBQ, pasta, salads... the only thing I would reconsider of is anything dessert-related (can you imagine kimchi in a birthday cake?) or non-savory. Kimchi is a side-dish and meant to accompany things, which makes it so incredibly versatile.

My mom and I often used to eat it simply with a bowl of rice as a meal on our lazier days...

Mar 07, 2013
rinkatink in Home Cooking

Costco Ahi tuna...sushi grade?

The term "sushi-grade" seems to get thrown around without anyone knowing what it really means... my dad is a sushi chef and I find it highly debatable on what gets defined as "sushi-grade". As a general rule, I look for "wild-caught" and "previously frozen" fillets. Fish caught for raw consumption is flash-frozen once caught to avoid making people sick.

That said, you should be fine. If the quality of the tuna is anything like the salmon, it should serve your purposes just fine. I buy the salmon from Costco on occasion and slice it up to eat as sashimi or use in other raw dishes and we've never had any incidents. My only advice is to use it as soon as possible, no later than within 3 days refrigerated. You can tell when it's bad when it gets mushy and quite fishy-smelling.

If you're highly concerned, I would look to your local fishmonger.

Mar 07, 2013
rinkatink in Home Cooking

What Makes Indian Curries Sweet?

I have only just started cooking at home and have had great success following (typically to a "t") highly-rated reviews on both recipe websites and food blogs online. That said, I have much yet to learn regarding experimentation or making a recipe "your own".

I recently made Butter Chicken per this recipe a few days ago:

I was quite pleased by the results, but I was wondering what one would recommend to make this dish sweeter (as if it wasn't rich enough already)? I thought about using brown sugar, palm sugar, or jaggery (if I can get it), but I'm not sure if I'm heading in the right flavor profile direction or what amount would be most appropriate. I'm honestly not all too concerned about authenticity at the time being.

Your help would be greatly appreciated, thank you!

Jan 18, 2013
rinkatink in Home Cooking