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Why does St John still have a Michelin star?

By "poncey and pretentious" I was directly referring to Michelin, their stars - and by implication, the very notion of such a system. Certainly not some of the excellent establishments that have received their "accolade".

Also, I had taken a glass of red wine and was being obnoxious. ;)

Oct 08, 2014
ooglewoogle in U.K./Ireland

Why does St John still have a Michelin star?

I wish God would smite f**king Michelin and their poncey, pretentious stars from the gastronmic fundament.

That is all. :)

Oct 07, 2014
ooglewoogle in U.K./Ireland

UK Equivalent of Velveeta Cheese?

I am sure you have found the answer by now (being such an old thread!), but here is how to emulsify a Nacho sauce using your favourite cheddar. This is a revelation if you haven't tried it!


Jun 21, 2014
ooglewoogle in U.K./Ireland

What should I eat in London that I cannot get in LA?

I really like Jose Pizzaro's places. "Pizzaro" is his restaurant and "Jose" is a tiny, but fantastic,Tapas and Sherry bar.


Apr 03, 2014
ooglewoogle in U.K./Ireland

Fish and chips in London, many kinds of fish.

In the Ashvale Restaurants of the NE of Scotland you can buy "Rock Turbot" (Wolffish)....not quite the real thing, but darn nice! :)

It's been a few years since I have seen real Turbot at a chippy. It's a pretty expensive fish to have in on low demand.

Mar 02, 2014
ooglewoogle in U.K./Ireland

London hamburger taste-off: one man's opinion

This has been my general view on the Ginger Pig meat also. It is much lauded....and there is no denying that they do a killer sausage roll :) ....but I have often been left feeling a bit meh about the offerings from their clients.

I believe Honest Burger use Ginger Pig also.

Feb 24, 2014
ooglewoogle in U.K./Ireland

London hamburger taste-off: one man's opinion

Definitely a case of each to their own!

Patty and Bun is hands down for me one of the best burgers I have ever had - both here and stateside. A beautifully sourced and cooked patty, perfect brioche bun and some inspired burger construction. Rosemary fries and confit chicken wings formed some delicious sides to boot.

Honest Burger was a huge let down. The burger tasted like minced supermarket pork. Bun was a bit stale. Fries greasy. Just not good at all.

Meat liquor, go for the jalapeno poppers....the hard shakes if you can afford....forget the hyped and meh burgers.

Hawksmoor Ogleshield burger was a winner in my book. The inclusion of bone marrow and an innovative cut-list makes for a very rich patty which may be a bit much for some....but I found it an unctious and upmarket burger (oh the juice!) - a definite foil for the great cocktails they serve, and particularly a jug of Shakey Pete's Ginger Brew! Bring your appetite for this one. :)

Tommis is an interesting winner in your list. I remember them being touted as the place to go if you were bored waiting in the queue for the original Meat Liquor around the corner. They were ok....but an inferior product to some of the better sources offerings in the city now.

There are so many other burgers now....haven't had time to get round them all. Would like to try the Bar Boulud offering some time, but never seem smartly attired enough when passing!

Feb 24, 2014
ooglewoogle in U.K./Ireland

Another "Please review itinerary..." Post

Well, I would agree to steer clear of the Fish! restaurant. However, if there is but a drop of cold in the wind....grab some chips at the take-away counter. They are really good and usually served piping to warm the cockles. We really enjoy doing that in the bitter of mid-winter!

Aug 14, 2013
ooglewoogle in U.K./Ireland

Questions about St. John bread and wine

+1 more. I have seen the influence of St John in many places, far and near....and have witnessed the affection and esteem Fergus holds amid chefs - particularly in the elevation of nose-to-tail eating. And I noted recently the big names in the industry stateside....guys like Thomas Keller and Danny Meyer...all make a bee-line for St.John on their whistlestop tours.

May 23, 2013
ooglewoogle in U.K./Ireland

Borough Market search help

Kappacastein is indeed a must, both for the toasted cheese and the raclette. Rabat Estate is worth a visit for some choccy goods...or for a seat and some excellent hot choclote.

More meaty goodness can be had with a hot Ginger Pig sausage roll...or a chorizo roll from Brindisa. I also really like the chippy at the market ("Fish!")...and those piping hot chips have warmed me on many a cold day!

Haven't had the pleasure, but I am assured that Elliot's is a great place for lunch...I believe they formulate their menu daily from whatever is good at the market.

Like someone else mentioned....there is too much to list really....some superb ingredients to be had. Cheese from Neal's Yard (Stichelton unpasturised stilton is to die for)....I love the Calabrian goodies from De Calabria - especially the olive oil and enduja....etc etc...let your eyes seek the prize!

If you are a choccy-lover, the best tip I have for the market is to seek out L'artisan du Chocolat's stall, where they sell their misshapes for a bargain price...I think 5 bags for £10 or some-such. I always root through the bag to find the most interesting ones...including the famous liquid salted caramels! ;)


May 12, 2013
ooglewoogle in U.K./Ireland

Soccer Stadium food

A modern stadium facility like Stamford Bridge will have burgers, pizza, hot dogs etc....all of which will be way worse than you are used to at home....and about 3-4 times the price. Outside the ground there will likely be fish and chip vans and other fast food.

The traditional half-time fare at a British football (never soccer! ;) match is a (meat) pie and Bovril....not sure how popular that will still be at Chelsea. :)

In sum: plan to eat before or after the match if you want to wat something nice!

Mar 19, 2013
ooglewoogle in U.K./Ireland

Patty & Bun [London]

The Ari Gold was £7 iirc...with option to add bacon for 50p.

The cheese, I think, is of the American burger variety....but seems to become a contiguous mass with the orange smokey house sauce.

Dec 22, 2012
ooglewoogle in U.K./Ireland

Patty & Bun [London]

For all you burger lovers out there...do yourself a favour and get along! :)

I have had some hyped burgers in London over the past few years. Last time Honest Burger left me cold....this year MeatMarket left us £30 lighter and ragin'!

Step in: Patty & Bun. Hooyeh! This one is a bit messy....but it is a glorious mess for sure. "Ari Gold" is what you are after. What you get is a beautifully glistening brioche bun, a bed of lettuce and tomato, a course ground patty cooked to a flooding medium...and draped in, cheese, pickled red onions and some all encompassing chipotle mayo-type sauce. A winner!

Fries are pretty good if not outstanding...but the sides star for us was the confit chicken wings - soft sticky and unctious.

So good we went back! :)

Dec 21, 2012
ooglewoogle in U.K./Ireland

Harwood Arms...

Cheers Phil....really useful.

Dec 09, 2012
ooglewoogle in U.K./Ireland

Harwood Arms...

Cheers hyperion....just what I was after. The wabbit rissoles, right? Will give them a go! :)

Dec 06, 2012
ooglewoogle in U.K./Ireland

Harwood Arms...

Can anyone tell me the best time to hit up the HA for only a quick drink and some bar snacks. It will probably be a weekday...and I imagine it gets busy through lunch etc?


Dec 05, 2012
ooglewoogle in U.K./Ireland

Brixton Market...

Cheers guys, that's really helpful info.

Dec 05, 2012
ooglewoogle in U.K./Ireland

Brixton Market...

....how are things past year? Have new places continued to open apace?

I have enjoyed Franco Manca and Elephant Cafe.....thought Honest Burgers were not great.....and love Wild Caper Deli.

I am tempted to go back to try out Cornercopia (as previously rec'd by greedygirl) and was wondering what else is good just now.


Dec 04, 2012
ooglewoogle in U.K./Ireland

Another NYC addition to London - Shake Shack coming to town....

As I understand it, frozen custard is Ice Cream by the French definition....with the mandatory inclusion of eggs, giving a denser, more emulsified cream. I think is is nearly always served soft.

FWIW, the Shack's rotating frozen custards are really good! :)

Nov 24, 2012
ooglewoogle in U.K./Ireland

Another NYC addition to London - Shake Shack coming to town....


"Richard Vine has reported on Bloomberg this morning that the American burger chain - now with restaurants everywhere from Dubai to Washington DC and Kuwait City - is planning to open in the UK. London's first shack will open in Covent Garden in the Market Building near the Opera House in the middle of next year (2013).

As well as juicy burgers, you can expect flat-top hot dogs, cheese fries, their famous frozen custard - and long queues"

No complaints from me! :)

Nov 22, 2012
ooglewoogle in U.K./Ireland

Moving to London - Looking for a Foodie Neighborhood



Nov 17, 2012
ooglewoogle in U.K./Ireland

London: breakfast and brunch...

What are your latest and greatest for the first meal of the day?

Previously we have enjoyed nice breakfasts at The Table and a cracking brunch of Turkish eggs at Kopapa. Still on the "to try" list is Modern Pantry and Caravan.

Where do you head for a killer breakfast? It needn't be posh or even a sit down affair.....anything you grab from street vendor/market stall/hole in the wall etc.....all recs much appreciated.

Thanks again.

Nov 10, 2012
ooglewoogle in U.K./Ireland

London: curries and grills...

.On our Dec trip, we are taking some of the advice issued here on other threads and going to a weekend buffet at Bombay Brasserie. To supplement this, we were looking for some further opinion on the various grills etc.

Usually on our first night we go to Tayyabs, however last year we really left with the feeling that it had slipped quite a bit. Some people seem to recommend Needoo around the corner, or the (I guess) original, Lahore Kebab House. At the moment we are drifting towards Delhi Grill having heard some good things...but I am aware there are some other interesting places such as Roti Chai. I would be interested to hear opinions on any or all of these and how they compare. Any favourite alternates?

Many thanks.

Nov 10, 2012
ooglewoogle in U.K./Ireland

Best Hot Chocolate in London....

....as title - who sells your favourite hot chocolate in the city?


Nov 10, 2012
ooglewoogle in U.K./Ireland

London food stores: a list of the best...

Thanks Kavey, some good ones!

I had hoped to collate additions into the original post, but didn't realise that Chowhound doesn't allow editing past 2 hours of OP. If we get a good thread going I will ask a mod to allow it, or link to a collated list somewhere.

Thanks again.

Nov 06, 2012
ooglewoogle in U.K./Ireland

London food stores: a list of the best...

When I am in London, I am often trying to search out the best produce and ingredient stores from which to room-picnic/squirrel goodies back to Scotland from. Rather than keep asking every year, I wondered if it might be useful to others to have a list/thread of the best?

I started by dahsing off the ones I know of/have used as 'an outsider'. It would be great if you could add your faves in a similar manner....adding any info or categories (eg Markets, Sweet shops etc) where needed. Thx!


e5bakehouse - East London artisan sourdough bakers using organic and locally sourced ingredients.
St John Bakery - Puerveyor of delicious rustic breads - and doughnuts with an emerging cult following.
Poilane - London outpost of traditional French baker serving respected breads and croissants. Belgravia.
Wild Caper - Wonderful Bread and Pastries in Brixton Village.


Neal's Yard - Farm cheese from the British Isles, starring the showstopper Stichelton. Various outlets, with stores at Borough Market and Covent Garden.
Paxton and Whitfield - Historical cheesemongers specialising in artisan English and French cheeses. Jermyn Street.

Italian Delis

Lina Stores - Popular Soho deli with a good selection of charcuterie.
I Camissa & Son - London's original Italian Deli since 1961
Luigi's Deli - Popular Italian Deli in Chelsea with beautiful ingredients and prepared foods.

Spanish Grocers

R Garcia - Notting Hill based store with a good selection of Spanish ingredients.
Brindisa - Popular store for Spanish ingredients in the heart of Borough Market.

Asian Grocers

Center - Wide selection of Japanese ingredients. Regent Street.
Taj Stores - Brick Lane retailer with a wide selection of Bangladeshi/Indian and Asian ingredients.


Michanicou Brothers - Oft touted as the best greengrocers in London and a gem for foodies. Holland Park.

Chocolate shops/chocolatiers

Paul A Young - Award winning young chocolateirs with several stores. Flagship in Soho.
L'artisan du Chocolat - Haven to many chocoholics across the city and the world....and purveyor of the lethally addictive liquid chocolate salted caramel. Chelsea, Notting Hill and in Selfridges.
Roccoco - Thriving chocolate shop selling a wide variety of beautifully wrapped chocolate and confectionery. Three stores with flagship in Belgravia.

Large Stores/Foodhalls

Selfridges foodhall
Harrods foodhall
Harvey Nichols foodhall
Fortnum and Mason

Nov 06, 2012
ooglewoogle in U.K./Ireland

Urgent ! - Omniverous Chow near London Bridge ? Jose ? Pizarro ? Elsewhere ?

We love Jose....but is both popular and pretty tiny - so usually a bit of a squeeze. I haven't yet had the chance to try Pizzaro, but that would be my choice for your dinner needs.

Look forward to your report whatever you decide!

Oct 25, 2012
ooglewoogle in U.K./Ireland

Artisan Bread Shop with Sourdough Starter to buy - Central London?

I can't help with what bakers might be willing to give you a gob of starter....but I know you can buy starters of various specified provenance on Ebay.

I have recently embarked on this journey and the best (unsolicited ;) advice I can give is to buy the "Tartine Bread" book. I have followed a few books in my search for a home made sourdough loaf that rocks....and the country bread from Tartine is amazing....couldn't believe it was possible from my oven.

A key tip he gives is to intially bake loaves in a dutch oven, which proves vital in trapping steam (otherwise impossible in a home oven as it vents steam quicker than you can generate it with ice cubes etc) ....thus replicating the steam injection bakers oven and forming the basis for that illusive dark glassy crust to die for.

Having tried various sources of starter....I would urge you just to go make your own.Coulnd't be easier, and the magic happens (imo) in the flour quality/hyrdation/handling techinique....rather than the eons-old starter.

Hth....and sorry if I repeated stuff you knew! :)

Oct 11, 2012
ooglewoogle in U.K./Ireland

Best chicken tikka masala in London

Hi arlenemay! London has some fantastic Indain food treasures...I'm just not sure searching for a Tikka Masala will unearth them necessarily! :) If that is all you are after....then fairy nuff!

However, if you harbour a secret desire to encounter the vibrantly spiced, life-affirming best that London has to offer...howler and Harters are certainly the guys to point you in the right direction.

Oct 01, 2012
ooglewoogle in U.K./Ireland

Outpost of NYC's Balthazar to open in London...

Yes, the guy can really get the authentic feel about a place. Have you ever been to Schillers in the lower east side? Everyone I have taken there has left convinced that it is a genuine living part of NYC history! :)

I have never been to Balthazar outwith the breakfast/brunch hours....and certainly, I think it *really* excels in this area. For this alone I think it will pose a formidable threat to the London scene.....at least from what I have seen of it as an "outsider".

Sep 28, 2012
ooglewoogle in U.K./Ireland