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Indian Food in SF

roti. on west portal.

Recommendations for Nov trip to SF please!

Drinks - go to Bourbon & Branch - it's a speakeasy place - make a reservation online - you'll always remember it.

SF restaurant fit for foodies and 3-year-olds?

Not AQ :) (believe me, I'm a mom)

I don't know what's in London, but here are some foodie places that I take my kids. I always try for an early reservation, like 5:30 or 6, before it's too crowded & noisy...but with jet lag, they'll have to be flexible to what the three year old is feeling, of course.

Foreign Cinema (patio, and they have a lovely kids prix fixe)
Firefly (in noe, the food is SO interesting & always good)
Ferry Building ... anyplace without a wait
Gialina (pizza, lots of families, but no reservations)
Vega's (in bernal)
La Ciccia (go early, they're sweet with kids)

I find that the restos in Bernal, Noe, & Glen Park are welcoming to foodie parents - there is great food in these neighborhoods & restaurants want to have children eating their food.

Or get your favorite burritos & picnic in Dolores park's playground. That is definitely not a London scene.

SF Union Square Table for one

Plus one on Canteen. Note that it's in the zone of sketchy blocks near union square. Walking alone, I think Sutter is the best choice to feel safe (someone check me if I'm wrong).

Sonoma Itinerary Check (or Napa instead?!)

You didn't ask this, but consider hiring a driver. You can do your own thing, and taste without driving tipsy or more (perhaps this is why you considered a tour). The lady I've used calls ahead to the wineries to check the crowds, has good recommendations, and is a gem.

BN ranch meat now in season....

Canyon Market has it. Mmmmm. Happy girl had a sirloin steak for lunch. Because I can.

Glass vs. Plastic: Storage

Glass is my first choice. Yes. Not sure if it's true, but I still never microwave food on plastic. No clue. No BPA - what I've read points to icky danger factors with BPA - i check plastics for no bpa labels, however, I haven't given up cans (lined with BPA) yet. Who knows what causes cancer, but reproductive system and hormonal changes freak me out.

Also, I hate freezing my reusable plastic containers (which I still have many of) bc when they fall out of the freezer (inevitable) they crack into shards. Grrrrrr. I thought glass would be more fragile, but nope.

Jun 17, 2013
mamacooking in Cookware

I need a firm but moist cake recipe for my birthday

I recently made the white layer cake from cooks illustrated, and it turned out great. Wonderful flavor and texture. I'm not an expert baker or froster :) and I still impressed everyone with it.

The bad news, I used a thick layer of buttercream and it tasted much too heavy for the cake. So if the ombré uses lots of buttercream ... It might not match.

Jun 17, 2013
mamacooking in Home Cooking

What are you making this weekend?

Almond scones, half we gobbled up, and half for the freezer. Lots of carmelized onions to use all week. Cherry apple something, maybe mini tarts.

Jun 15, 2013
mamacooking in Home Cooking

Best dessert/other recipe to use up 1/2 gallon of milk?

Second that, I am eating Indian rice pudding right now & so happy. Look up recipes for kheer. I made it with quinoa this time instead of rice, healthier & yum. Like the post below - less sugar than most recipes call for, and cook it slowly & much longer than the "quick" recipes online so it thickens & gets richer. Hours is best. I like it chilled.

You can also make yogurt, it's easier than paneer even.

Feb 01, 2013
mamacooking in Home Cooking

Breakfast in San Francisco (near Moscone) for 23 people?

Lulu does well for large groups

Places to eat near the zoo? [San Francisco]

West Portal is a neighborhood not far from the zoo, with lots of choices. Glen Park is 5 minutes further, but en route to SFO.

I'm sure there are threads for both - but my latest favorite in West Portal is Bursa Kebab (very good mediterranean). In Glen Park, I love Gialina's (excellent pizza) & Le P'tit Laurent (very french, the food is less child friendly & a bit too nice perhaps). Between West Portal & Glen Park is K's Kitchen (excellent sushi & noodles & other small plates & japanese). There are always families at all of these spots, especially K's. Adults and kids will both be happy.

I love Koi Palace, but I wouldn't go there with 3 kids post-zoo. Everyone will be too tired.