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Friends will be here from Florida and am looking for a great Italian restaurant.

Lucca!! It's my choice for Italian, the staff is very friendly and I have never had a problem with the food. Some plates are unbelievable.

Weekday brunch for 20ppl

Hi everyone,

I'm looking to host a celebratory brunch for about 20 middle-aged professionals, either downtown or anywhere good that could accommodate such a request. I would travel to NDG, Plateau, anywhere really.

- I love the Leméac weekend brunch and would like to replicate it somehow at 10am on a weekday.
- I was thinking of trying to book the garden at Ariel, but I haven't heard a thing about them in a year and the last news wasn't good.

Any ideas? Thanks!!

Young Montreal couple looking for the goods.

Excellent thanks!

Young Montreal couple looking for the goods.

We are a couple in our mid-20s staying in SF for a week (Union Sq. area) without a car. We are budding foodies who know the Montreal scene of French and market fresh bistro/brasserie fare, and we're hoping that late June will be a good time to check out the food in San Francisco. I heard that SF is an easy city to walk, is this true? What restaurants are excellent and accessible by metro/tram/bus/feet from Union Sq.?

We love all types of cuisine and would like to try some things uniquely Californian, but mostly just excellent food - both cheap and expensive, just not that middle ground where the food is garbage and not worth the price. Thanks!!

Restaurant Closures - 2008

Trinity closed last week non?

Restaurant Openings - 2008

I believe its the team behind Brontë, yes?

Montrealers' Culinary Getaway to NYC

I'm staying midtown, but I have no problem with going all over the place for some noteworthy food! I'm looking to appease my girlfriend and go shopping in the different neighborhoods, so food anywhere - or let's say, especially near some of the more interesting shopping spots!

I'm not so much looking for what Montreal doesn't have, but more what New York does well. A bit vague, but any suggestions are appreciated!

Aug 09, 2008
olivier1665 in Manhattan

Montrealers' Culinary Getaway to NYC

Hello! I'm looking for a few picks to fill out my list of restaurants to visit in Manhattan next week. I will need:

1. A french bistro
2. Sushi
3. An oyster / seafood bar
3. A wine bar / microbrewery that has great food
4. Your pick for best overall restaurant (regardless of price) that has space from Aug.14-17!
5. Something unique to the city (that isn't Katz's Deli)
6. Something a foreign foodie absolutely needs to experience

Aug 09, 2008
olivier1665 in Manhattan

Ideas for anniversary dinner $$$

I've been to some of the more established places and so has she - CCP, PdeC, Ferreria, Lucca... but I would really like some suggestions for high value, excellent meals over 100$ for two people. Preferably restaurants that are smaller and intimate, and especially places that aren't on the radar quite yet.

I went to 3 petits bouchons a few times and loved it, and would love to find something truly excellent to share with my girlfriend for the first time together.

Any suggestions?

Yuzu in Westmount/NDG?

Ha! You caught me asleep at the wheel. I hadn't heard of it yet, but I will be delighted to go have a look, thanks!

What other places in the area offer fresh and interesting fare that you won't find in a chain grocery? Are there any really stand-out vendors that are great?

Yuzu in Westmount/NDG?

Does anyone know where to buy Yuzu juice in my area?

Also, are there any really great grocery/food stores that I don't know about? Sadly, I hit up the Provigo on Cavendish to avoid the Metro on Victoria - while making trips to PA once in a while. I've been eying the butcher and fishmonger on sherbrooke near Decarie St., are they any good?

Where should I venture to for the Yuzu and good produce?


Kitchen Equipment

If you do go to JC Perreault, I've dealt a lot with a saleswoman there named Christa Marzell who is honest and not afraid to give you the best possible price for a sale.

Meeting up with friends in Montreal and need help finding trendy places to eat

I would suggest Garde Manger in Old Montreal because it should be crazy and I've always enjoyed the food. Ariel on Drummond hasn't been jammed lately, so there's a chance you'll be able to get what you're looking for food-wise there, and they opened a tiny terrace too.

Favorite BYO's in the Plateau

I can vouch for Bleu Raisin and À l'os recently - À L'os being my fav and Raisin being my girlfriend's... I also used to love Au Petit Resto, before and after the move to Papineau... Is it still open and has anyone been? It was my favourite once upon a time.

BTW If you're planning to bring a nice bottle(s) of wine, I suggest À L'os as they have decent glassware and carafes for the wine snob in you.

Decent food in Tallahassee, FL?

I live in Montreal, Canada, I'm in Tallahassee for 5 more days, where is edible food?

Food, wine, cookbooks and everything food-related are comparatively cheap here... where is the product of this fantastic combination?

:D I need help.

Dec 28, 2007
olivier1665 in Florida

restaurant choice: Ariel, Vertige or La Gaudriole

I was curious about Ariel myself - is it run by the same people as Caprices de Nicholas? Any reviews out there? Because I haven't seen anything online.

Restaurant openings

Yes, they moved recently from their Ste-Catherine street location near Atwater. I had the buffet to revisit childhood memories with friends - it wasn't extravagant, but we're talking about a buffet. The naan bread was good :)