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Ground beef

As far as I'm concerned, the ground beef sold at Kroger has changed. It has a "chewiness" to it that really turns me off, and reminds me of what you find in some brands of hot dogs.

The kind I bought was the ground round that was in those packages that look like they came out in one long strip that is pulled apart in 1 pound chunks. It was not the Laura's or the Angus, just the regular package. They are definitely adding something, because ground round should not be gristly in any way! I used to work in a grocery meat department years ago, and we ground all our offerings right in the store back then, using the beef from the various parts: round, sirloin, chuck. separately. The machine was meticulously washed after the grinding, and used to grind other things as well, such as veal or poultry. Sometimes people would pick out a piece of meat from the case, and ask us to grind it for them, which we did as long as we didn't have something else incompatible going through at the time (beef vs. poultry, for example). The customer paid the price on the original package they brought to us...we just wrapped over it.

I guess if too many of us ask for this service, they will either get the message and stop stocking this gristly stuff, or they will decide to charge us for the service. Either way, we'll know what we are eating.

Jan 10, 2013
spridget in General Topics