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$1500-2000 to spend on a set of copper pots what would you buy?

I have been using copper for 40 years, now, both at home and professionally. Bourgeat with a stainless lining is the way to go. You won't worry about the wear, or scratching off the lining, or melting the lining-yes, that can be done. You can use it for sugar, something you cannot do with a tin lining, as the tin melts at a lower temperature than the sugar. (Which is why traditionally, unlined copper pans are used for sugar work.) Soaking the pan before cleaning it is still the best way to get stuck or burnt food off, but stainless is more resistant to that, too, it seems. My theory is because tin has very small scratches already in it, from the tinning brush, so is easier to catch stray particles.

The other reason to go with stainless is it does not react to things like tomato or tomato sauce. Plus, finding someone to re-tin your copper is sometimes hard. 40 years ago, it was easy. But now, well, things have changed.

As for Mauviel or Bourgeat, I just find the rounded lip of the Bourgeat is easier to pour with. But both are quality items that will last for years.

Jan 09, 2013
chefupnorth in Cookware