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Foodie looking for good eats in Punta Gorda Florida

I am looking for some good food options in Punta Gorda Florida. Going there on a trip with my mom. We both LOVE food. I am not a seafood eater, but she is, and I would love to find great local seafood restaurants for her. Aside from seafood places, I would love suggestions for myself. Any restaurant that locally procures produce is a plus! We will be traveling a bit (perhaps to Sanibel), but mainly want places in Punta Gorda. Thank you for any suggestions.

Apr 01, 2013
rachel19 in Florida

Foodie looking for good eats at less $$ in Vegas

I will be in Vegas for my birthday celebration, and am looking for a good restaurant. I was thinking about Border Grill, but have seen posts discouraging that restaurant. I love food, but am looking to spend in the lower (?) $20 range for entrees.
Also looking for other general suggestions for good food at less of a price. We are staying downtown, but will certainly visit the strip.
Any suggestions?

Jan 08, 2013
rachel19 in Las Vegas