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Venison in Worcester

I'm looking for a place to get venison so I can make some venison stew; I'm having a hard time finding a place in the Worcester area. Can someone point me to a butcher / store that sells it? Thank you!!!


Lou Roc's, Annes is good but the over the top heat puts it in 2nd place. Gold star's is all potato and very little cornedbeef :(

Jun 18, 2008
jcormie1 in Greater Boston Area


Update on a few places I've found:
First- The Deep Ellum in Allston, Extreemly different hash; very chunky, not ground into a paste, not overloaded with potatoes, and it's baked and very crispy, and on top of that if you go there for brunch on Sunday, they have a huge choice of craft and Microbrews with very good taps, also very good bloody marys with pickled green beans... Everything is Very good.
Back to Worcester:
Second- Annes Clarke Brunch, The "Homemade" version is roast beef hash and is VERY spicy. I love spicy food but this uses habenieros and is over the top with heat not allowing you to actually taste and enjoy it.
Third- Lou Roc's Diner in West Boylston, They've finished a little expansion a couple of months ago. Very legitimate hash, I like it well done / crispy, I used to go to Goldstar for breakfast (not for hash) and now only go to Lou's.

Jun 18, 2008
jcormie1 in Greater Boston Area


It's OK, too much potato not enough corned beef. But I will say that (excluding the hash) they've got the best breakfast in Wormtown.

Feb 15, 2008
jcormie1 in Greater Boston Area


It used to be near the rotary across the road from a auto repair shop about 8 years ago. There's a Korean place there now.

Feb 15, 2008
jcormie1 in Greater Boston Area


OK my head's going to explode.... I'm in Worcester, the seconds biggest city in freakin New England and I can't find a diner with decent HOMEMADE HASH... I'm not looking for the doctored cr@p from a can... I want it h-o-m-e-m-a-d-e, Way back when there used to be The Homeplate in Westboro, but even the best (Jim and Bev) have to retire. PLEASE Please Please tell me where to get the thing which I most desire, I don't want "don't know if it's homemade, but I think it's good" I want someone who owns their love for hash as says "this is the best, if you go anywhere else you've gone and done wrong" HELP ME!!!

Feb 09, 2008
jcormie1 in Greater Boston Area

Comfort food in/around Hudson, MA

I second O’Connor’s, however it get's PACKED so be warned. The quality and variety of food is great... you want comfort, get the Guinness Pot Pie, you can thank me later!

"Great" Restaurant Names

Correction, the Dive Bar in Worcester, MA is an awesome place... Alec has beers you've only dreamt about. He's really done a lot with the place, GO THERE and you will ask yourself why you haven't gone there sooner. Ps. he's also got some "boutique" type liquors some of the craft breweries are now producing.

Jan 28, 2008
jcormie1 in Not About Food

Restaurants Closing

The closing of those Vinny T's locations actually make sense if you refer to this article written when it was first acquired back in '06

Mezcal in Worcester -- OK, but kick it up a notch, please.

I think that everyone's posts are sufficiently long enough (don't get me wrong... they are very good and appreciated!). I will keep this short and sweet, wife and I have been to Mex. a couple of times and this is no where near that. It's frustrating that there are no good MEXICAN places in the area. If you mix in a S.W. expectation then the food was as all have said, bland and uninspiring. The most ridiculous thing was the guac. with corn-nuts (toasted Hominy), the ceviche was not fresh, it was obviously sitting in the marinade way too long, the margaritas were good, not great. Unless someone gives us one heck of a reason, we probably won't be back.

Worcester Area, Korean food?

There is a new place in Northboro at the intersection of Rt 20 and W Main. Next to LalaJava (new strip mall) it's simply called Korean BBQ Kitchen. The wife and I went there this weekend for lunch, it was GREAT! One of the owners was there and she was really good about walking us through the menu. We split an order of pot stickers (home made) and they were the best we've ever had. I had a Korean version of a Bento box (don't remember the name) the wife had Bi Ba Bim (a bowl of noodles, a bunch of vegies, some chix and an egg) she didn't finish it but it was very good. They have hot pots for dinner and a bunch of other things I can't wait to try... Cause we're definitely going back. the owner said they're applying for a liquor lic. in Apr but it's BYOB for now.

Restaurant recs for Hyannis in December?

Sam Diego's has very good Mexican food believe it or not. Barry is an awesome bartender and makes a very good Hornito's Margarita. Alberto's is pretty good (nicer atmosphere), DJ's wings is a good place for quality wings ribs and beer in a refurb. train car with plasmas

BYOB in Worcester

My wife and I are looking for some good BYOB places in the Worc. area. So far we've gone to Da Lat (Viet.), Bamboo Hut (Viet.), One Love (Jamaican), and Tortilla Sam's (Mex-ish...). Are there any other good ones we're missing? I've heard Mac's Diner is, but am a little questionable about going to a diner for a good meal...?
Also there seems to be a new Mexican Rest. opening up on Shrewsbury St., anyone know anything about it?