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Survery: Do you like Mayonnaise?

A) Love it.

Hellman's is good, but Admiration extra heavy blows it out the water. You can't get it at the supermarket, but certain sub shops use it. That stuff is luscious.

Apr 28, 2013
HungryMack in General Topics

Visiting Boston for first time-would love some Foodie help

For Italian w/ Neapolitan pizza I'd urge you to go across the river to Cambridge and hit Gran Gusto. Top 3 in any genre of Boston pizza, could argue the best.

For ice cream, Toscanini's was voted best in the country by NYT, and has lots of fans here. Also in Cambridge. Most like their 'burnt caramel' flavor, my fav is the B3, but you can sample all you want and decide yourself.

Fred' Franks Wakefield

Man, that Shnurble lived up to the hype and then some. Nice snap on the meats, great charred edges, a little dry, but more than made up for by the mayo/sweet cabbage/sirachaba combo. That really took it to another level, outstanding stuff. Meat to roll ratio was perfect.

Had a linguica there too which was solid. Hit it with some habanaise which had a nice kick (though not as hot as the name would make it sound), and sirachaba (hot sauce sweetened some?).

I wish I would have seen the part about burgers when I went. I'll definitely try one next time I go.

Louie's Pizza, Woburn

I was there a while back. Good pizza, not destination worthy, but would be happy to have it in my neighborhood.

Nice crust, not floppy, cornicione was crunchy and flavorful; had cornmeal underneath. Cheese & sauce were solid, maybe a tiny bit bland but still enjoyable. The pepperoni they use is nice, a little thicker than standard, it had a nice bite and flavor.

I had ordered a half pepperoni with garlic which I had seen rec'd somewhere. It was a touch harsh tasting, and definitely stunk, but added pretty good flavor. Next time I'd nix the garlic though and keep the 'roni.

I love the history of the place too.

Coal fired pizza place in Belmont?

I was intrigued and searched online. The Brother's PIzza's website has the "new" menu for Mark & Toni's Coal Fired Pizza.

It looks like typical Greek House of Pizza stuff.


The Alsatian is indeed a very good pizza. Great balance of flavors with the sweetness of the caramelized onions and smokiness of the bacon. A thyme/herby flavor was prevalent just so you know. I would order it again for sure.

I've had a 'roni from there on 2 occasions and while it was solid and very much looked the part, it wasn't top tier pizza IMO.


Bon Chon's soy garlic is my current favorite.

If you're going to Newton, I would recommend going to Cherry Tree over Buff's, which I don't care for much for textural reasons. Blue cheese is subpar (normal stuff) at both locations.

Speaking of that, anyone know where to get a crispy buffalo wing with a really good quality blue cheese? It's very rare that I get one or the other. Then again if you want buffalo wings, you can easily make them better at home than anywhere I've been to. Just fry to desired texture/doneness, follow direction on back of Frank's bottle for sauce, and get some Marie's blue cheese and throw some extra crumbles in for good measure.


Haven't been there in years, but yeah that honey mustard is really good stuff.

Santarpios Peabody

Agreed that it must be eaten immediately. I've eaten there (Eastie) many times and the pizza is always starting to suffer by the end of the meal. Most pizza is like this to some degree but this one especially so.

Montreal Smoked Meat at Cutty's today

Thanks for the heads up.

I've never had the real thing, so I'm not qualified to compare, but I can say this sandwich was very good.

It looks very similar to the pictures I've seen of Schwartz's, if only less stuffed. Thickly sliced brisket, pretty chewy meat but not tough, taste is somewhat reminiscent of a boiled dinner or a Hebrew National. Very flavorful. The mustard was nice and needed and the light rye held up well. Served with a good pickle.

I'd be curious to hear how it stacks up to one from Montreal.

Cookie places

+3 for Butter Girl.

I've only tried the peanut butter cookie, but it is the best one I've ever had. Thankfully I didn't even know it was gluten free, or I never would have tried it.

Non-Chain Drive-Thrus?

Nick's in Winthrop (never tried it).

Doughboy Donuts in Southie makes a good, greasy breakfast sandwich.

Gran Gusto-- it's been a while

They definitely have a way with eggplant. The eggplant panini I got there was good. Even though the buffalo mozz cubes never fully melted and were almost cold, which was disappointing, the eggplant itself was creamy and delicious.

Their eggplant lasagna was even better, actually it was terrific. That sauce is delicious. Too bad its not on the menu anymore. If it doesn't come back eventually, maybe I'll make a "request" myself.

Djon djon mushrooms?

Tropical Foods in Roxbury should have it.