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Le Chateau in South Salem Closing

This is a sad story, but times have changed in the restaurant industry. I fondly remember visiting Le Chateau for all types of occasions. My friend and early mentor Chef Maxime Ribera, the original owner of Auberge Argenteuil in Hartsdale and Maxime's in Granite Springs, and I would sometimes sneak off to Le Chateau and relax at the old bar with its dramatic vistas...

24 Hours in Providence- help us narrow it down!

We stayed at The Dean last summer and the whole city was within walking distance. Two restaurants you might seek out are Bacaro and Alforno. Both have websites. There is a bustling Little Italy section as well...

Do you make dining decisions based on coupons or discounts?

There are restaurants that use so many coupons and make so many offers...it's as if they are on life support. And here comes our Restaurant Week.

Feb 17, 2015
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Restaurant Week - Dining Opportunity or Cue to Turn & Run?

In my area, north of NYC, I know of restaurants that offer better deals prior, during and after RW. Some actually make more money during restaurant week. It's the hype that goes along with it, too. By the way, restaurants do pay in to participate so they hope the response covers the cost...

Feb 17, 2015
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YELP's algorithm fail in Westchester

Of course, it is all just subjective opinion as on most other review sites. You have to do your best to weed thru the planted statements, the infantile remarks and the actual factual stuff...
51rich, you are overstating the case about Westchester. The dining scene in the County has matured over the years. There is good and bad dining everywhere.

Stone Crabs in lower Westchester?

You might try calling Mulino's in White Plains or Eastchester Fish. Stone crabs sometimes appear on their cold seafood platter assortments. Or, try contacting some of the restaurants on City Island: Artie's, Seashore, etc...
Buying them for take home will, of course, will keep some money in your wallet.

Weekend birthday getaway in Hudson Valley

Rhinebeck is a good starting venue with plenty of dining possibilities. Even the Culinary Institute is a short drive away. Beekman Arms is a nice spot, but stay away from their adjunct Motel down the road. Not as pretty, at least on my last visit...

Do you make dining decisions based on coupons or discounts?

Exactly what I am trying to bring out, Sunshine. Either a restaurant is in trouble and feels compelled to offer coupons/discounts, or has enough patronage not need them...

Feb 08, 2015
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Zabidury, New Rochelle?

Strange spot with a long bar and mechanical bull. It has already changed hands, and my impression is that it is more a nightlife venue rather then a restaurant. Of course, the Groupon membership should also tell you something...

Pho (Beef Noodle Soup) in the Washington DC area?

Our favorite Pho and other Vietnamese dishes is served at Huong Viet in Eden Center. Consistently good and reasonably priced. There are other restaurant choices there as well...

Do you make dining decisions based on coupons or discounts?

The reigning wisdom about coupons is that it will help fill empty tables. However, I believe once coupons are stopped people simply stop coming...there is no 'loyalty factor' except to the coupon.

Feb 07, 2015
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Do you make dining decisions based on coupons or discounts?

Yes, if a restaurant offers a coupon/discount and you are interested in the place, you would be foolish not to use it, right? As Smartie points out, everyone goes there with a coupon. Now what if that eatery stopped offering coupons? Would you still go? I am willing to bet the 'loyalty' factor stops there.

Feb 05, 2015
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Do you make dining decisions based on coupons or discounts?

Everywhere you look there are dining coupons and discount deals. Is this a good thing? What about the restaurants that offer them. And, what about the consumer that signs up for them? Does a coupon create loyalty to an establishment, or loyalty to the coupon. Even some of the big name restaurants get involved these days.
Would like to hear from both sides of the spectrum: What's your take on this phenomenon...

Feb 04, 2015
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Visit to La Jolla

Always enjoyed having a cocktail out on the rear deck at Hotel Valencia, lovely. The Mex at Alfonso's was a treat, too...
La Jolla is fabulous! There are some treats to be had up the road in Del Mar as well.

Feb 02, 2015
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Lunch near Hunter College High School (94th & Park)

In that area, I enjoy Corner Café & Bakery at 92nd & Third...

Jan 30, 2015
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Pizza Recommendations in Hudson Valley?

Not your traditional style, but Gigi's Trattoria in Rhinebeck prepares what they call a Skizza flat bread pizza that is quite tasty...

Robert Irvine's Second Restaurant Closes

While I do enjoy watching the program from time to time, Mr. Irvine broke some of his own rules: some of the same demands he makes on troubled restaurant owners. And so it goes...

Your "fav" Charleston area BarBQ?

Since you mentioned fried chicken, you must stop by Martha Lou's Kitchen, on the outskirts of town, for some down home southern fare, Great pork chops, too...

Jan 25, 2015
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Another day, Another restaurant law suit

We still have to find out if the allegations are true, but in the meantime he joins the ranks of many of our 'top celebrity chefs and restaurateurs' who have had run ins with the law including: Mario Batali, Bobby Flay, Paula Dean, of course, and Lidia herself...

Ben's Deli Scarsdale Opening Night - Oy

I got your point, Petek. Well stated. And thank you foodiegrandma for your tip. All this is making me quite hungry, too...

Anniversary dinner in Lower Westchester

I attended a gathering recently at the newly renovated Ernesto's Ristorante on West Post Road, White Plains, and it was impressive...

Toddler Friendly suggestions Lower Westchester

You may also want to check out Lombardo's on Mamaroneck Ave, White Plains. They have a casual Italian-American menu and a banquet area. Also, the new Pizza Cucina in West Post Road, White Plains may fit the bill...both are on-line.

Ben's Deli Scarsdale Opening Night - Oy

I believe they will, in time, iron out the kinks, Petek. But yours is a valid question. Over the years I have experienced hundreds of restaurant grand openings of every stripe and more often than not few happen without their share of glitches.
Time is money, and in the case of Ben's I believe they had to get the doors open at some point after taking so long to get there. It is a large space, formerly Spiga, with a staff who probably did not even know what Jewish style corned beef or pastrami is let alone kishka or flanken. They will get there because there obviously is a market anxiously waiting for it...

Some help for an Alexandria, VA trip in February, please

Have your fill of delightful Vietnamese dishes including excellent Pho at Huong Viet Restaurant in Eden Center...we always try to stop there when visiting the D.C. area.

I'm Angry and I'm not Taking it Anymore! Westchester NY

If you don't mind, share which venue in Westchester you are talking about. I have also found prices for drinks and cocktails around the county going out of control for the last few years. It helps pay the rent, I guess. Part of the fault lies with the wine and liquor purveyors.
Give us an idea what part of the County you like to hang out or visit and I am sure Chowhounders would be happy to advise...

Ben's Deli Scarsdale Opening Night - Oy

This is great! 'Fools rush in', as the song goes. There are a lot of Jewish Deli mavens out there who were just waiting for Ben's to open. Westchester has been Jewish Deli depraved for quite a while, after all.
But wait: staying local, where does Epstein's fall out in all this?

Westchester help

Don't know if you mean Elmsford or Elmswood, but Epstein's Kosher Deli on Central Park Ave., Hartsdale may fit the bill...they have a website. There is a kosher enclave in the Quaker Ridge section of New Rochelle, too.

Jan 11, 2015
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In Praise of the H-Mart food court (Hartsdale)

Part of the excitement here, as Elisa515 mentions, is that it is one of the few venues that resembles being right in the middle of the bustle in Chinatown or Flushing here in staid Westchester. The only other Asian food court I can include in the area is Kam Sen Market in the old White Plains Mall on Barker Ave...

Meat Book?

Cook's Illustrated Meat Book. My companion was just referring to it when I spotted your post...

Jan 02, 2015
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Casual Family (and baby) friendly places near Botanical Gardens

I forgot to mention that the Starr Group has taken over the food concessions at NY Botanical Gardens and the food service has much improved...

Dec 18, 2014
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