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College Boyfriend visiting

20 years later! We are both foodies and love good wine. Looking for fun atmosphere most likely in DC area. Casual, sit at the bar and eat kind of places. Open to "grazing" between several restaurants. Would love suggestions.

Looking for Excellent DC Restaurant

I'm having dinner with a friend who with an excellent wine cellar. We would like to find a restaurant whose food can stand up to his supurb wine...other than the expected suggestions. Any recommendations?

Sushi Ko - Chevy Chase

Does anyone know if it's open yet?

Classic Washington for One

Yes, there is bar seating at Blue Duck. I would also suggest the bar at The Source, Wolfgang Puck's DC joint. Also on the list are bar seats at Brasserie Beck and Central, Michel Richard's place. Mussels are a must, tho the neighborhood is out of the way at Dr. Graneville Moore's Brickyard. Belgian beers are the feature at this small but super cool hole-in-the wall.

Dining In Puerto Rico

Heading to El Conquistador for vacation. We're looking for good, non-tourist restaurants. Will have 2 kids so low-key rather than high-brow. Love to hear suggestions.

El Conquistador, PR for Xmas

Would like to find non-tourist restaurants with yummy food. Look forward to all suggestions! Thanks~

Comet Ping Pong w. Kids

Has anyone been with kids? Good idea or bad?