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Where in Phoenix: organic grass fed free range beef

I used to raise my own grass-fed beef and free-range chickens for myself and friends before it was of interest and I am so excited to see the importance of it catching on! My recommendations? Only buy local (which makes it difficult for chicken, but we do now have a lot of options for beef!). Always check your sources and where the meat comes from. I too love sprouts and whole foods but most of this is never local. My philosiphy: if you can't visit the farm it came from, don't buy it. is a site to search for local foods but do your research as some postings can be traced back to ranches from other states. Other recommendations:
This guy looks very legit and I like what I see with his business. I am however not a fan of corn finishing but still would love to try his product. I do agree with other responses about the Wickenburg farm:
Good luck to all and hopefully we will see more access to farms in Arizona.

Jan 06, 2013
jherma in Phoenix