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Monday recs?

Flying in to Chicago from SF early for a mid-week conference next week (June 2-4). My friend will be joining me for the weekend (reservations at Grace and Next, respectively). A couple of people from our team on Tuesday and Wednesday, which leaves Monday where I'll be a solo diner.

I was really hoping to eat at Schwa or 42 Grams, since both seem like they would be accommodating to singles, but both are closed on Monday. As I expanded my dragnet of restaurants, it seemed to be a trend, virtually every one took Monday off.

Any good recs for a solo diner on Monday. I'd love a place like Publican (but not actually Publican since we're going there Tuesday), or if there were some sort of place like Animal or State Bird with interesting and extraordinary small plates. Failing that any great sushi spots that aren't dark on Monday?

One Dinner in LA - Providence v. Redbird v. Shunji v. n/naka v. Maude

Thanks for all the comments. Looks like we'll stick with Providence.

One Dinner in LA - Providence v. Redbird v. Shunji v. n/naka v. Maude

Because the girlfriend decided she wanted to do Disney Friday and Sunday, making it impossible to dine at Trois Mec (still getting in a dinner at Urasawa on Thursday as a solo diner before she arrives), I have one dinner on Saturday to plan. This is for Saturday 6/6.

I got reservations at Providence at 6, but almost like that Groucho Marx quote 'I wouldn't join any club that would have me as a member' I'm kind of weirded out by how easy it was to get it. Is Providence over? I don't want to eat somewhere that's just coasting on its rep. I live in SF, and while there are some renowned restaurants that are easy reservations, they are usually a little past their prime. Obviously suspect.

I almost chose Shunji over Urasawa for Thursday so that is definitely in play. I love the menus at Maude and Redbird as well. Providence (tasting menu) seems like its going to cost $500 at a minimum with t/t for 2. Price is really not that big of an issue but I don't want to light $$ on fire. Any other restaurants worth substituting instead? Let me know hounds!

Three dinners in New Orleans

Flying in after a business trip and will be there for dinner (and I suppose lunch) Thurs - Sat June 4-7.

I'll be traveling solo, so I'd prefer something experimental/interesting without being romantic, think Publican (Chicago), Animal (LA), State Bird (SF), Rich Table (SF), Baazar (LA), FT33 (Dallas).

Looking for the best restaurants of this type with no real price or time or location concerns (I probably won't have a car but will be staying near the FQ). Prix-fixe or tasting menus okay - maybe even preferred for at least one of the dinners.

Help me out Hounds!

Apr 12, 2015
kickerconspiracy in New Orleans

Dinner in Yountville/St. Helena area

Thanks for the recs. I think we're going to go with Cook, but Farmstead looks great as well. Maybe a lunch there Sunday depending on when we wake up.

Dinner in Yountville/St. Helena area

Going to Napa area overnight 1/31 and looking for a dinner rec. TFL closed and Restaurant at Meadowood unavailable on our date (a Saturday about 15 days from now). Last time we were in Napa Valley we dined at Bottega and Ad Hoc, both of which were great.

Looking for something between Yountville and St. Helena ideally. I'm not married to something high-end, I just want to find somewhere excellent that I can get in to with two weeks notice.

Any ideas?

Foodie Dinner in Dallas

Thank you for all that recommended FT33. It was great. Everything we ordered was great - some kind of thing we ordered with grains and kale juice (checking out the menu it was this - sprouted grains, olives, kale, caprino royale manchego, crispy chicken skin :::14), and that was both of our favorites. For entrees, I had the pork short rib and he had the chicken; both were excellent.

I also really loved beer selection of Meddlesome Moth across the street. Lucia was great - we did end up eating there and blowing off our reservations at Knife. True to the advice here, the starters were the best part of our meal, especially the fois gras stuffed dates and charcuterie.

Also, really liked the Bowlounge where we went to watch some college football Saturday afternoon. Great tacos and super diverse draft beer selection.

Foodie Dinner in Dallas

Has to be between Bolsa and Boulevardier. Both look incredible. Kind of bummed out that FT33 doesn't do their chefs tasting menu on the weekends. We might try to get into Lucia and then have one of these as a backup, or go to Lucia for charcuterie and then hit up one of these spots later in the evening.

My thanks to all who responded.

Foodie Dinner in Dallas

Flying in with a buddy for 49ers/Dallas game. We are planning a steakhouse for Saturday night (thinking Knife), but Friday is open. I'd prefer something experimental/interesting without being romantic, think Publican (Chicago), Animal (LA), State Bird, Rich Table (SF), Bacchanalia (Atlanta) sort of style. Tasting menus/prix fixe is okay. Price isn't primary concern but no higher than $100-125pp. Also, since we need a Friday table 9.5, someplace we can get in to with 2 weeks notice.

Please help me out, hounds!

Schwa or El Ideas

I live in Silicon Valley. Going to be in Chicago for 5 nights in June. One dinner is taken up by Alinea. We're thinking Publican, Girl and the Goat, and a Chicago style pizza place (Gino's East and Uno and Due seem to be the board's consensus favorites) for three of the other nights.

For the other higher end dinner I'm trying to decide between Schwa and El Ideas. My read of the board is most think they're similar, with the slight edge to Schwa. However, it really turns me off that they have this deliberately obtuse reservation system. (I refuse to go to State Bird Provisions here for that same reason). Also, the risk of cancellation kind of spooks me.

Is Schwa really worth the extra hassle? Or is El Ideas just as good?

Apr 01, 2014
kickerconspiracy in Chicago Area

Sage or e?

I ate at e about a year ago. It was one of the more fun meals in my life. Total cost was over $300 - but a lot of that was booze. I think the cost of the dinner was $195.

The setting of it is brilliant, a small room that seats 8 off of the main dining area in Jaleo. And the food was totally outrageous - truffle flavored cotton candy covered in gold, fois gras with tangerine sauce and chocolate, etc. Posted some photos of my trip. Have fun!

Sep 28, 2013
kickerconspiracy in Las Vegas

Dinner/Breakfast reservation in Nashville

Thanks everyone for all the great recommendations. A lot to choose from. I booked a table at City House for Sunday dinner and will probably end up at the Southern for breakfast on Monday before driving back to the ATL.

Dinner/Breakfast reservation in Nashville

Since breakfast would be on a Monday morning, Monell's is out regrettably. Loveless seems like a winner. Any ideas for dinner? I've had multiple people tell me to go to the City House, but I really don't like their website and it just seems like its Wood Tavern in Nashville (for those curious, excellent place on the Oakland/Berkeley border, on Michelin's Bib Gourmand list - http://www.woodtavern.net/). I'm sure its great but I'm looking for something more authentic, less like the restaurants in my area.

Please advise on LV trip Sage or E??

I know your trip has already come and past. A couple things

1. I hope you went to Kabuto. One of my favorites in the U.S. Really affordable for the quality of what you get.

2. Surprisingly, the Circus Circus steakhouse is pretty good. Way better than you'd expect it being in Circus Circus.

3. I haven't eaten at e but Robuchon is brilliant. I forget if I had the 5 or 7 course menu last time I was there (I think it was $195), but everything was excellent.

Mar 13, 2013
kickerconspiracy in Las Vegas

Dinner/Breakfast reservation in Nashville

Going to Nashville for a day and possibly an overnight in April. I've never been before and I'll be there on a Sunday and looking for a great restaurant. I know its now supposed to be this super hipstery area but I get enough of that here in SF. (Rolf and Daughters looks great, but that is seriously every restaurant in the Bay Area, something the folks in Nashville will learn soon enough, hipsters ruin everything). I want to go somewhere authentic, a locals spot, someplace Jack White would go. A hole in the wall with great food. Cuisine and price don't matter. Was thinking the The Southern but it seems kind of trendy. Same with The Pharmacy.

If I could double up on my requests, if any hounds could share a great breakfast spot, that would be aces. Pancake Pantry? Arnold's Country Kitchen? Thanks in advance for your time.

If Lucali and DiFara got in a fight?

I can only go to one of these places. Which is better.

Will be in NYC for 5 days but only one day in Brooklyn (Sunday). Coming in from SF. Reservations at Luger at 1:45, then going to see the Nets at Barclay Center at 6, so I'll be looking to get something to eat sometime between 8-9.

DiFara seems a bit more chaotic, but people say it's the best. They take their last orders at 8:30 and I don't want to be shut out if I get there a bit before that. Lucali seems like more of a restaurant and is open later.

What do you guys think? Any help would be appreciated.

Sportsbar recommendations in Midtown?

thanks! I think I'm going to try to get in at Salumeria Rosi.

Jan 06, 2013
kickerconspiracy in Manhattan

Sportsbar recommendations in Midtown?

Flying in from San Francisco this Wednesday and staying until Monday. I didn't realize at the time that the 49ers would be playing on Saturday night at 8. I'm thinking of either going to Babbo or Salumeria Rosi that night for dinner (probably eating at the bar at either place since I don't have reservations).

So afterward, I need a place to watch the Niners game. Some place with reasonable sized TVs tuned to sports, good beer on draft, and not a lot of douchebags. I'm staying at the Roosevelt (45th/Madison) so some place stumbling distance from my hotel would be preferred.

Jan 06, 2013
kickerconspiracy in Manhattan