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ISO Tiparos Fish Sauce--When did this get to be hard to find?

i purchased this brand a few months back. i believe i found it at the super 88 in malden. if it wasnt there then it was at market basket chelsea. sorry i cant quite recall but i know it was one of those two.

Cabane a sucre Au Pied de Cochon

+1 on getting a new thread started

reservations opened up for apple season....got mine in tonight

Crab cakes to cook at home?

the crab cakes available at whole foods are made by matlaws out of gloucester. they are also available at market basket both as brand name & mb brand. i get them often and really enjoy them. i'd say they are above average in the clam to filler ratio.

Razor Clams

another vote for the razor clams @ toro.

have tried the razor clam crudo at neptunes....its good (albeit a very different preperation) but just doesn't satisfy that craving for me like toro's version does

Market Basket-Items no longer carried?

kate's butter is ~$2 more at wf than at market basket

Fred's Franks- New home in Medford- NOW OPEN !!!

you sure? i drove through medford square around 1:30 and saw his cart set up in the parking lot where they have the medford farmers market

Market Basket-Items no longer carried?

they still carry kates. the chelsea store was out of the whipped salted butter 2 weeks back (as often happens) but found it there last week. didnt happen to notice if they had buttermilk in.

i have noticed a few items that have yet to return to shelves. certain brands of hot dogs come to mind....cant remember the others.

Cabane a sucre Au Pied de Cochon

has anyone gone the limo/van rental route from montreal? experiences with that ?

Nutella from Italy

interesting article about the sourcing of ingredients to make nutella.


Cabane a sucre Au Pied de Cochon

If you did fill out the form keep an eye on your phone. Got the call back today and have a date and time confirmed!

Which is your favorite supermarket chain, and why?

i consistently find that wed & thurs evenings are the best nights to go to MB chelsea. the few times ive been to the somerville MB on those nights its been quiet also. give those nights a try.

monday evenings are usually just as bad as the weekends.

Where can I find crumpets?

i buy them all the time at market basket

My last Speed's Dog

unless he's gone back to using them....greg hasnt used pearl hot dogs for a couple of years.

Where can I find Chihuahua cheese?

i've seen it at trader joes before

Trader Joe's
142 E 14th St, New York, NY 10003

Nov 22, 2011
jack daniels in Manhattan

Speed's pastrami

you can also check his twitter feed...he updates it just about every day if he is there or not


Phantom Gourmet BBQ Beach party today - did anyone go?

i stopped by friday afternoon for a quick lunch. was a decent sized crowd early on...more people than last year around that time. guess the free admission helped a bit with that. a noticeably smaller bbq party this year with the amount of bbq stands they had set up. think they had 2 or 3 more last year....this year is 6.

tried 3 places that have not been there in the past....the place from chicago, the fat guys place, and jacks down home. like jacks the best. nice big ribs, great rub, and a nice sauce to compliment. the chicago place i didnt care for their ribs. not very big and the meat fell off the bone way too easily. couldnt taste much in the way of a spice rub and the sauce did not compliment at all. the fat guys place was actually pretty decent imo. their 3 rib sampler was a dollar cheaper than everyone elses. nice meaty ribs....decent spice and a little on the sweet side for me but good sauce.

overall not that bad. might head back this weekend with some friends and try out some other stuff.

as a side note....have to "commend" whoever the dj was for playing the un-edited version of sublime - "what i got". for those not familiar with the song the f bomb is dropped twice during it. real nice around 1pm with all the kids that were there.

Where to buy Mexican Coke in Massachusetts

stumbled across this article. for anyone like myself who doesn't have or want a costco membership....here's a way around it


Where to buy Mexican Coke in Massachusetts

am not a costco member

Where to buy Mexican Coke in Massachusetts

theres plenty of places to buy it by the bottle but where can you buy it in bulk? where are all these restaurants getting it from?

Flatbread Company Moving into Sacco's Bowl Haven

Pescatore Expanding?

was in there recently picking up an order and talking with the owner. the construction in the building behind them is to expand the available seating in the restaurant. they also installed pizza ovens where the counter service is and the kitchen will take over that whole area.

they started making pizzas a few weeks ago but havent tried them yet. if its anything like the food im sure it will be excellent


and as a side note....the gnocchi sorrentino was awesome. nice and light but with just the right amount of chew to them. not the dense potato bombs you get at most restaurants. for all you gnocchi fans like myself that love them but are too afraid to order them at restaraunts for fear they arent done right.....defitnely give these a try !

Speed's Has Added Grilled Pastrami and it's worth a special visit

someone ratted him out to the city that he was serving steak sandwiches and without proper refrigeration he had to take them off the menu. that visit from the city is also why he had to move location from where they had always set up.

What restaurants don't we talk about enough?

carlo's in allston

Boston Chowhound Rites of Passage

speed's hot dogs

nothing else comes close for me

Best grilled cheese

kelly's has really good grilled cheese. its on the kids menu but worth a try

Anyone know where to get fresh gnocchi??

bob's in medford carries fresh pasta though i'm not certain i've seen gnocchi there. might be worth a call.

Bob's Imported Food & Catering
324 Main St, Medford, MA 02155

Fave Gnocchi dishes?

i didn't know what real gnocchi tasted like until i had it at the grotto. its amazing how many places serve up bad gnocchi (heavy, dense, gummy). am very hesitant to order it out now but will have to give these other suggestions a try.