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Rum Strip at any Bakery in Queens or Nassau County?

I am looking for a rum cake - it was sold in a strip (rectangular) shape back in the day, and it was more of a mix of bits of chocolate cakes and marble cakes, whipped cream, icing, cherries and it had all been doused with rum. Would anyone know where to buy anything of the sort nowadays? The Cake Box in Bay Terrace used to; does anyone know the cake I'm talking about? I dream of it; would love to find it or something similar. Thanks.

Jan 05, 2013
Lullybug in Outer Boroughs

Dimas European Bakery in Rego Park?

Hello all,

This was very nice to see; I just signed up here after having posted about the loss of Dimas Bakery back in 2005! Nice to know the history of the bakery! I just walked past it the other day and shook my head in woe. I don't think there is anything there now; the kosher bakery that followed it didn't last long. Ah well. There is a dearth of bakeries that do any rum-soaked pastries. The Dolce Italia does do baba au rum I think.
George, your family did well to move to a quieter place; 63rd Drive has gotten more and more crowded with the addition of a new mall that has a Costco, Kohl's, Century 21 and other stores. Too busy.
Be well!

Jan 05, 2013
Lullybug in Outer Boroughs