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Need Health Food Store recommendations - Los Feliz/Silverlake/Echo Park

I recently learned that Nature Mart (where I have been shopping for 20+ years) in Los Feliz was bought by the Lassen family. That said, I need to find a new place to buy my organic produce and vitamins, as I will no longer be shopping there.

For those who are unaware, the owners of the Lassen's chain gave nearly $30,000 in cash support to the backers of Proposition 8, which took away the civil right for gays and lesbians to marry in California. So I will not spend a dime in the new Nature Mart/Lassen's to fund their bigotry.

So the question is, do I go to Whole Foods in Glendale, or are there any great independent health food stores left in the Los Feliz / Silverlake / Echo Park area? I'd love to support another deserving indie store, if one exists.

Due to work, I am splitting my time between L.A. and SF these days, and Rainbow Food Co-op in San Francisco is fantastic. Is there anything like this in L.A.?


Nov 20, 2011
julias_child in Los Angeles Area

Indian restaurant in old Eye of the Camera store mid wilshire

Oh my god, I used to LOVE that restaurant and went at least 2x a month. It was called Sher-i Punjab. Fond memories! What happened to those people? Did they move and open another place?

Apr 11, 2008
julias_child in Los Angeles Area

Ramen Wars!

Last month I used some frequent flier miles and spent a week eating my way through Tokyo. One of my most memorable meals was at a bustling, tiny ramen joint, which featured Tonkotsu (hearty, milky-looking pork broth). I never got the name of the place, but it's near the Daimon subway station, across the street from MOS Burger (if anyone cares to know). I never was much of a ramen fan, having only been familiar with the lame "instant" variety, but having the real deal in Tokyo was mind-altering. Since I've returned to L.A. I've been on a mission to find the closest thing to what I experienced in Japan, and DAIKOKUYA comes extremely close. The noodles were delicious and chewy - the only difference was that Daikokuya's noodles are curly and chaotic, whereas the ones I had in Japan were straight and kind of neatly folded over themselves in the bowl. Based on reading some other posts here, I asked for the 'strong broth.' Yummy. Also had the gyoza and the shredded cabbage salad as starters and they were both equally as delicious. The gyoza were medium-greasy, but honestly, I can't say I've ever had a grease-free gyoza in my life. I loved the way they were wrapped as well - not your typical ruffled-ridge wrapper. These are like rectangular pillows, which was unexpected and delightful. Took a full hour to get seated, but it was worth the wait. I now might have to make the pilgrimage to Torrance and see what can be unearthed. And if you haven't seen the movie "Tampopo," put it on your Netflix list!

Nov 08, 2007
julias_child in Los Angeles Area