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Rapscallion Restaurant in Hamilton: happy carnivore haven

It's been awhile since we were there, but I know we had a charcuterie board, some type of tacos dish, something with bone marrow, something about "hot tongue and shoulder" and at least 1 more.

Again, to be clear, we loved the idea, but we found the portions to be tiny for the $$$ asked. But since they are still in business and even expanding, either we got them on bad night or our expectations were off.

Rapscallion Restaurant in Hamilton: happy carnivore haven

...hmmm...based on our experiences I suspect that you guys got a sweetheart deal from chef matt and his team. My wife and I were there last year and we were over $200.00 splitting a bottle of wine with fewer items then you ordered and found the portions modest at best.

We love the concept and the taste, we love the audacity of a full on meat assault in these veggie times, but in all honesty, our experience ordering anonymously off the menu like an average diner was very different then yours was. Hopefully, yours is now the norm...

Why You Should Definitely Cook Bacon in the Oven

I almost always use the oven, and parchment paper, its so mush less work, and it makes it really easy to pour off and strain the do keep the fat for frying shrimp and scallops don't you??

Jan 28, 2013
chefmikebenninger in Features

What is Beef Shoulder Tenderloin?

I've actually heard of this cut before, usually at food shows and other geeky stuff, I've never actually seen it served .


try the article above for an explnation...