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Feedback on Rome, Florence, and Venice

Thank you for all the help Mbfant and Pumpkiness.

Elizabeth, I used both your Rome and Florence apps to help narrow down what seemed to be a never ending list of "must try" restaurants. I'll get the Venice one once it comes out!

Jan 05, 2013
mpanet in Italy

Feedback on Rome, Florence, and Venice

I would appreciate any advice on the following dining choices I've made so far. I'll be in Rome for 3 days, Florence for 2, and Venice for 2 at the end of March. I want to make sure my choices are balanced and not at super "fancy" restaurants.

Day 1: Lunch at L'asino D'oro; Dinner at Trattoria Monti
Day 2: Lunch at Perillil; Dinner at ????
Day 3: Lunch at Pizzarium; Dinner at Taverna dei Fori Imperiali

Day 1: Dinner at Trattoria Sostanza
Day 2: Lunch at Cipolla Rossa; Dinner at Trattoria I Due G

Day 1: Dinner at Alle Testiere
Day 2: Al Covo

Also, as a New Yorker who's used to OPEN TABLE, how far in advance do I need to reserve? Do I call Italy and book them via phone?

Jan 04, 2013
mpanet in Italy