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Refugees from Lonely Planet Thorn Tree Get Stuffed site

Another TT GS refugee here (just registred).
The closure of TT looks misterious. I've been on the forum since its beginnening. I can't remember something like this ever happened before. Now it's been two weeks and it stinks.
I found a possible explanation in an article in Independent:

"Bruce Taylor, wrote: “The state of Lonely Planet is depressing. Shutting Thorn Tree is the latest eg of BBC clearly not understanding what they bought"

I joined TT in the 90s when it was mainly a travel forum, and quite an independent one. That's what the members liked and that's why it had become the most popular travel forum on the internet..
I've used it a lot in my travels - I never bought a LP guide book though. The forum has been the best source of first hand information with lots of good advice from other independent travellers.
Maybe BBC, the owner of LP, came to realisation that the forum doesn't serve their business well. Or even more - it's countrer-productive for their main business. If it's true it'll be very sad.

Jan 04, 2013
fieldgate in Site Talk