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Breakfast near West 57th Street


We're staying on 123 West 57th street for a week and we're looking for a good diner/cafe close by to have our breakfast. We're thinking traditional american breakfast where delicious pancakes is an option.

What are your recommendations? Because we're planning to go there on a daily basis, it should be a best-value sort of thing - not too expensive.

Thank you!

Jan 14, 2013
tommyj in Manhattan

Bouley questions

Thank you very much for the all the replies. I think that we will definitely consider going there at lunch instead.

As of now I'm considering a whole different kind of dinner that saturday; the Kyo Ya keiseki menu.

Jan 06, 2013
tommyj in Manhattan

Bouley questions


We're visiting NYC for a week this january and I've been able to get a table at Bouley that saturday at 9:30 PM. I would have choosen EMP but it is fully booked, so I thought that Bouley was the second best choice (Per Se is too expensive).

I am however wondering if 9:30 PM is too late when we're getting the tasting menu, couting 17 dishes according to the menu on their web page.
Do you have any experience starting your dinner around 9:30 PM on Bouley? I'm afraid that they will try to rush us through the menu - we really want to enjoy the dinner and take us time doing so. Normally we would use the whole evening (in this case half the night?).

About the restaurant prices in USA. At Bouley the the tasting menu including wine is $280 pp. Is this including service, tips, tax, etc.? Or do you have to add 20%, which makes it ~$340?
What do you think the _total_ price for the tasting menu and wine pairings will be at Bouley for two persons?

Thank you very much for sharing any experinces. Also if you have other suggestions that I should consider instead of Bouley (being somewhat less expensive), feel free to share them :-)

Jan 04, 2013
tommyj in Manhattan