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Best store-bought kimchi?

Looking for some kimchi jar recommendations in Los Angeles (Santa Monica, West LA, Westwood,Koreatown). Leaning toward Granny Choe's at the moment. Thanks!

Good (value) brands for pots and pans?

Hey guys, I'm a college student looking to purchase some pots and pans. While I would love to make a good investment, it's not something I can handle at the moment. I'm just planning to visit local Ross, Marshalls, and T.J.Maxx stores to see what they have available at a price point I can manage. It would be immensely helpful if I could get some brand/line recommendations. From what I've read so far, it seems that Cuisinart's Chef's Classic line looks fine, and it isn't too expensive. However, I can't be sure I will run into while shopping, so I was hoping to get some other recommendations as well. I am looking for value, of course, but good quality as well.

Thank you!

Jan 03, 2013
pandaprincess in Cookware