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LA to SF, 3 best dinners help

If you will be here the 18th or the 21, get your tickets to Lazy Bear NOW before they sell out ( This is the first time they have ever done a first come first serve with their tickets. If not, Atelier Crenn, Benu, and State Bird (if you can get in). If you cant get into State Bird, then Locanda, Sons and Daughters, and Baker and Banker are all great. Commonwealth is fun, and I personally like Central Kitchen, although I live 10 doors down from it so that helps. If you are in the mood for sushi then visit Saru in Noe Valley and get the Omakase.

The Best Meat Cookbooks

Michael Symon's Carnivore is a great choice:

Also check out the store Omnivore in Noe Valley at Church and Caesar Chavez. They have an incredible selection and are really really helpful.

Jan 08, 2013
KeepTreySober in Home Cooking

What to do with tinned sardines?

Great way to add salt to a dish without changing much of the flavor. Great in salad dressings (Caesar obviously as well as others) and I make a tapenade with them, olives, oil, parsley, garlic, pepper, and some capers. Cover a piece of fish like cod with the tapenade, some sliced tomatoes and onions and roast it. Easy delicious dinner

Jan 08, 2013
KeepTreySober in Home Cooking

No menu, or limited hours eateries?

Agree with Mr Pollo, also Lazy Bear (if you can get a reso). Locals Corner has a chefs table where they go off menu for you thats fantastic, and for sweets the Friday Pie lady in the Mission is fantastic.

Has anyone been to Chambers in SF's Tenderloin?

Been a few times, mainly for my GF's company parties (they love that place) Cool decor, decent food, strong drinks. Make sure you cab or uber it out of there tho, not the best spot in town.