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Ramps, Spring Onion, Scallion

I'd like to make this sound funny, but it's coming out like a lecture, sorry. There are spring onions in my garden, and they aren't much like scallions or ramps. Scallions are immature onions, with small bulbs, typically not much larger than the stalk. Like mature onions, stalks consist of upright growths from the top of each ring, starting at the top of the bulb. Ramps are a wild leek, that don't much resemble onions. The bulb is relatively small, and the leaf is an actual leaf on a stalk. My spring onions form elongated distinct bulbs, and the stalk is also elongated, with individual stems that separate from the stalk at distinct distances from the bulb. They are also a bunching onion, and come up repeatedly once planted.

Allium tricoccum is the US version of ramps. Scallions are immature Allium cepa. The Latin name for spring onion is usually given as A. cepa, but sometimes A. fistulosum, which is a bunching onion, like the spring onions in my garden.

In the few dishes I've made with spring onions, the onion flavor is milder and sweeter than either mature A cepa or scallions. I recommend spring onions for anyone who appreciates a perennial, reliable, and delicious version of onion. Contact me for seed or start availabiliy.

May 30, 2013
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Supercalifragilisticexpialodocious new cafe on Monterey [SF]

Big Joe's #2 has been completely transformed by new owners. New interior, but that's the least of the good news:

Best restaurant coffee we've ever encountered.
Fresh lettuce salad perfectly dressed.
NEW MENU: example: Egg Tart = organic eggs, braised leeks, caramalized yellow onions, oven-dried cherry tomatoes, bacon, fontina cheese. Also Veggie Hash and Eggs. Brioch French Toast with brandied pears, pecans, and vanilla and mascarpone cream. Triple Grill Cheese with sandwich with Tillamook cheddar, port salute, and fontina on really good sourdough, pastrami sandwich with fig chutney, basil, tomatoes, parmesan, and aiole on really good ciabatta. Highest price item on menu is $10.00. The new owners are obviously foodies, and new to the restaurant business. Peter, who runs the front, his brother-in-law, and his wife are co-owners. We met Peter, who is enthusiastically over-the-top about perfecting the dishes on the menu with customer input. The area is not a food destination site. If you can, please dine there and keep this treasure in our neighborhood.

Big Joe's #2, soon to be PAL's Good Time Place,
717 Monterey Blvd
(between Gennessee St & Ridgewood Ave)
San Francisco, CA 94127
Neighborhoods: Sunnyside, Outer Mission

Jan 02, 2013
kcurry415 in San Francisco Bay Area