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Trouble with fried rice

well ive learned that ive got to uncover the rice when leaving in fridge over nite. thnx that will help alot.
i guess i shouldn't be using that 5min rice crap and should pobably make rice with less water when i cook it.
also i don't have my pan hot enough. my question is what kind of pan should i use if not nonstick since it has to be very hot? Should i go buy one of those big wok pans not like that eletric pos but like a big pan?
also when i rincse the rice is this like the day i cook it or the day after it dries cause i dont think i should be rewetting it should I?

btw ty for all the recipes and help.
ima try that pork recipe and try to season my rice with the other stuff

Jul 09, 2008
Mr. Chili in Home Cooking

Trouble with fried rice

I love the fried rice one gets at any american chinese take out place but i have failed to replicate it at home.
Heres what i have figured out thus far.
1. requires drying time
2. requires lots of oil and a hot pan
3. can use just about any ingrediants

heres my problems
1. when i leave the rice overnite in fridge it just doesnt seem to dry out very well.
2. idk how much to use ive used a few tablespoons but it seems like however much i put in the rice absorbs all of it. am i suppose to use the whole bottle of oil?
3. im not sure what to do for seasoning and i like the brown fried rice which i think means add soy but again my rice just absorbs it i dont get the look or texture to the fried rice that i want.
4.does anyone have some recipes im specifically looking for a way to bbq some pork for my fried rice and id also like to know what do do for seasonings and flavorings. i do not wish to add lard either.

pleases help

Jul 08, 2008
Mr. Chili in Home Cooking

Looking for Soup to fit with Barbeque

I'm having trouble coming up with a soup for our family barbeque. we always smoke some pork loins and slow cook ribs. i usually make a chili but i would like to do something different this time something that would somewhat fit with our meats maybe like a southwest kinda soup. I don't care for beans so would prefer non-bean soup.

Jan 19, 2008
Mr. Chili in Home Cooking

Is it possible to taint your taste buds?

MakingSense I agree with you on hearing loss and the accuteness of some peoples senses but i disagree with your thoughts on sauces. Sauces are used to enhance flavors of the food. If used properly they can even bring out subtleties in that food. I must also disagree with your view of smoking. Just because a chef prepares an excellent meal doesn't mean he or she can taste better than you. smoking dulls the senses of smell and taste. True taste is made up of abouit 70% smell and 30%taste buds taste. I am currently studing culinary arts in which we taste what everyone has made and offer our oppinions as feedback on each others work. When we first started out many of the smokers dishes were often over spiced; some too hot or spicy if you prefer that term while others too salty. As time in the program has elapsed all of the students have learned to cut back or add to accomidate to the general consumers taste. What makes a great chef is not his tastebuds its his creativity with food. The ideas you develope are key to being a success and also knowing how to adjust from your taste to your consumers' taste.

to the original post i would say both smoking and over using of spices can dull your senses. smoking is one of the more permanent effects though where as over usage of spices can be changed by cutting back and allowing time to bring back your taste.

Nov 08, 2007
Mr. Chili in Not About Food