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Too much jam - ideas?

My boyfriend's family loves to give jam as a drop-by gift so we have many small jars of jam.

Problem is, we don't really eat jam. What can I do with this stuff?, particularly in savory preparations?

Jun 15, 2014
Rafie in Home Cooking

Sides to go with Enchilada Suiza and Lasagna?

Thanks for the suggestion to do something acidic. Ended up doing a kale and butternut salad w/ lemon-dressing, heavy on the lemon. Worked well! I may try the onions agrodolce next time too.

Dec 05, 2012
Rafie in Home Cooking

Sides to go with Enchilada Suiza and Lasagna?

No one's ever put Enchilada Suiza + Lasagna on the same menu...but I'm daring it!

Hosting a really last min dinner party for 7 tonight. Since we don't have enough food, I'm hog-tying 2 pans of Enchilada Suiza (Green Chile) I had made yesterday for the week, to the night's menu. Hence the mishmash!

What's stumping me is what to put alongside to pull the meal together. I've got the fixings for a kale salad. What else can I make that'll go with that crazy combo?

On bated breath to see what Chowhound brains come up with...

Dec 04, 2012
Rafie in Home Cooking

Crack Food Revisited

Chicken skin. Rubbery or crisp, i don't care...probably prefer soft, come to think of it.

And pate / foie. YUM.

Sep 11, 2012
Rafie in Home Cooking

Lincoln VS La Grenouille VS Daniel VS Bouley

It's my mother's birthday, and here's what I'm thinking thru:
-she likes seafood and beef. Food with clean flavors really appeals to her. Can't deal with excessive salt
- Looking for French or Italian
- a lovely atmosphere for her 60th would be great!
- Don't want to do a full-on Per Se multiple-course offering. 3-course max.

Any ideas which of these options would be better? Thinking Lincoln, La Grenouille, Daniel, or Bouley...


Aug 18, 2012
Rafie in Manhattan

Best of large-format meals?

I've done the Beef 7 Ways (Ma Peche), Pork Ssam (Ssam Bar), and Fried Chicken (Momofuku Noodle Bar). All delicious.

What I haven't tried:
Resto (any of their large formats)
Back Forty (any of their large formats)
...anything else I've missed.

Asking anyone who's tried the other ones in comparison to the Momofuku ones....which ones are worth trying and are even better?

Jun 04, 2012
Rafie in Manhattan

KaDeWe equivalent (not Eataly)?

Just came back from Berlin, where I was bowled over by the selection on KaDeWe's food floor.

Wow. In terms of variety (just check out the meat section), deliciousness (food stands), and pure interesting-ness (is that a word?), I was bowled over by the selection.

Do we have anything equivalent here? Doesn't have to be JUST German. I'd take any cuisine so long as there's interesting things to nosh on and interesting products to come back with.

Would be willing to travel outer borough too. I crossed off Eataly since I live right by there and have been too many times to count.


May 09, 2012
Rafie in Manhattan

6 day food itinerary - please advise.

My go-to plan for eating Russ and Daughters immediately is inevitably to take it to the Whole Foods cafeteria nearby on Bowery. It's about a 2 block walk....and you just go upstairs, look for seating, and plop down.

If it makes you feel better about eating there, you can always get a drink there.

Otherwise, when you're at Russ & Daughters, definitely check out the lox. Have them give you a taste of ones you're not sure about. And, if you like whitefish salad, absolutely get a Super Heebster as well (whitefish salad + wasabi caviar on bagel of your choosing). It's divine.

If you don't have enough room, they make minis as well.

May 09, 2012
Rafie in Manhattan

Place with good charcuterie (bonus points for great terrine!)

Looking for a dinner joint tonight with good meat boards.

Bonus points if said meat boards include great terrines and/or pate....and offers good cocktails, to boot.

I've had good charcuterie at the Breslin, Almond, among other joints. Any other recs?

May 07, 2012
Rafie in Manhattan

Looking for restaurants similar to ABC Kitchen & Bar Room at the Modern?

My mom loved ABC Kitchen and the Bar Room at the Modern the last time she visited.

She's coming back again and I'm trying to rack my mind for some place with that specific combination of refined food / great ambience that doesn't skew TOO young.

Any reccos? Many thanks in advance..

Feb 08, 2012
Rafie in Manhattan

Mail Order MEAL to send sister for Xmas?

My sister's going to be working at a hospital this holiday season and not able to join the rest of the family.

Any suggestions on mail-order foods I can send her, (she's in Philadelphia), so she'll have a delicious dinner surprise over Xmas?

Thinking more on the front of mail order meals/prepared foods like lobster pot pie, great frozen ethnic meals (e.g. Tucson Tamale, if anyone can weigh in on how good that is)..... just great FOOD she can keep in the freezer as opposed to mail order snacks.

All recommendations would be so welcome!

Dec 15, 2011
Rafie in General Topics

Anyone want a reservation for 8 people@Momofuku Sssam Bar TOMORROW LUNCH (Sat)?

Turns out I cant go anymore - and will have to pay a penalty fee unless someone can take the reservation off my hands.

Ping me first come, first serve for the rez! Here are the details:

Party of 8@12noon

"Bo ssam" is korean for enclosed or wrapped and includes a whole slow cooked pork shoulder, a dozen oysters, white rice, bibb lettuce, ssäm jiang (korean bbq sauce), kimchi and ginger scallion sauce. the dish is essentially pork and condiments wrapped in lettuce

$200 for the whole party, not including drinks or extra orders.

Apr 29, 2011
Rafie in Manhattan

Recs for Mountain View dinner under $40/head?

Calling any MV hounds for recommendations!

In town for work tomorrow - and I've got 2 dinners to figure out in Mountain View.

No restriction on cuisine (just want good food, literally will eat anything). Also, budget limit's got to be under $40/head. Even better, I have a car so i'm willing to drive (say, within 30 min?)

Any ideas?

Feb 28, 2011
Rafie in San Francisco Bay Area

2 dinners/2 lunches to convince NY hounds to move to SF?

Phenomenal list - thank you so much! Printing this page out to bop around SF with...

Feb 21, 2011
Rafie in San Francisco Bay Area

2 dinners/2 lunches to convince NY hounds to move to SF?

My SO and I both grew up in CA, but have spent most of our adult lives to date (happily) in NY.

Coming into for a week of work, though, so it's now time to see if SF might work out for us as a city to live in and as a city to EAT in!

What 2 dinner and 2 lunches are absolutely emblematic of SF - and that you'd recommend to showcase the best of SF dining? I imagine greenmarket's the thing SF excels at, but we'll willingly to do any budget, any food.

Only caveats:
- Food: No Chinese (I grew up in LA, 'nuff said) or Japanese (NY does it well)
- Budget: Top $ restaurants are less of a priority, if only because we want to see what we would normally go out to eat, but if the meal's worth it, we'll 100% go for it.
- Location: Staying in the Mission (but willing to travel)

We just want to be blown away by SF's food scene. Where would you recommend?

My list so far starts with Roli-Roti, so any recommendations would be MUCH appreciated!

Feb 21, 2011
Rafie in San Francisco Bay Area

Wine class with good instruction, good drinks?

I took a quick search of the boards and couldn't find anything.

Anyone have any recommendations for a good wine class - either a single session or multiple session - in Manhattan or BK?

Looking for a good instructor, good learnings, and a good crowd!

Dec 22, 2010
Rafie in Manhattan

Where should I take my parents - West side, under $75/person? - to make them see LA anew?

I'm coming home to Pasadena next week from NYC - and I'd love to take my parents out for a good, fun meal on the west side of town for under $75 a head.

My parents don't get out on the west side much - the farthest we venture typically for food is SGV/Roland Heights etc- so I'd love to show them how GREAT and surprising the other side of town can be.

They love good quality food but atmosphere is top priority too for a wow-factor. Some favorites I've taken them to are Mastro (meh atmosphere, but the food made up for it) and the Wilshire in the back garden area (great atmosphere!).

Looking ultimately for something just....special for a family night out! Bonus points for pasta and seafood - what's the Acquagrill of LA? the Locande Verde? the Yasuda?

Thanks, chowhounds! Will report back!

Mastros Restaurant
2087 E. Thousand Oaks Blvd., Thousand Oaks, CA 91362

Dec 21, 2010
Rafie in Los Angeles Area

Inexpensive (take-out or counter svc) dinners in Flatiron/Union Sq?

Try Rhong Tiam. Take out counter with limited seating but the food is good and super spicy (once you get past the confusing listing of juices and random items).

I'd recommend the khao soi and the southern style chicken. If you want non-spicy, the pepper beef is good too.

31 E 21st St, New York 10010
(Btwn Broadway & Park Ave S)

Sep 14, 2010
Rafie in Manhattan

Ma Peche Beef 7 ways - good?

I've done the fried chicken dinner and the bo ssam dinner - both great.

Now venturing onto the Beef 7 Ways - and realizing there hasn't been commentary on this board for that dinner.

Is it as good as the fried chicken/bo ssam? If so, I'm headed straight there!

Ma Peche
15 W 56th St, New York, NY 10019

Jul 28, 2010
Rafie in Manhattan

Dinner recs after a Runyon Canyon hike?

I'll definitely report back :)

Many thanks to everyone for your recommendations!

Jun 30, 2010
Rafie in Los Angeles Area

Dinner recs after a Runyon Canyon hike?

I'm putting my mom through the paces :)

We're trying the "putting the nice shoes in the car" approach. And we're not really doing the intensive's really just to show my mom what else is in LA beyond the corner she regularly sees!

Jun 30, 2010
Rafie in Los Angeles Area

Dinner recs after a Runyon Canyon hike?

I'm taking my mom out for an exploration of the Westside this weekend. After 30+ years of living in Arcadia, she's rarely come onto the Westside, so here are the plans - travel AND food - for some context on the rec request

1) PCH drive - Going to Malibu Seafood for lunch
2) Driving through Mulholland Drive - and then doing a quick walk around Runyon Canyon - food ???

I'd love any recs for where we could go post-Runyon, or any feedback in general on the plans.

Some likes and dislikes:
- My mom loves seafood and pasta, though it's not a requirement.
- No Asian. We get great stuff in the San Gabriel Valley
- Atmosphere would be a plus. Prefer cozy or flair over formal.

Thinking Fraiche, Providence, etc but truthfully, I don't know the dining scene well. $ not an object, bu let's not do Urasawa.

Coming in from New York, so any recs on making this a great weekend for my mom would be so appreciated!

Jun 30, 2010
Rafie in Los Angeles Area

New and notable restaurants?

Any new and notable restaurants that I should scope out?

Willing to take all price ranges and all food types. Just want good food in a new, buzz-worthy place I definitely haven't tried.

May 18, 2010
Rafie in Manhattan

NY'er looking for Westside feedback (Business dinner, date night, Mexican...)

I'm coming into town (Santa Monica area) tomorrow from NYC for business, but as any self-respecting Chowhound would do, I'm spending endless hours just figuring out where I want to go for food. (thorough research on this board, triangulating against yelp....and I'm exhausted already just thinking 2nd,3rd thoughts).

I could use some help in figuring out some great choices! Open to all cuisines so long as they're delicious. And I'll cut out Chinese/Japanese food since I grew up in the SGV and know what I can get there.

The roster right now, along with what I'm looking for.

1. Fun, business dinner for young 30 year old's in Santa Monica/Venice area. (under $60/head)

Options: Mozza, Rustic Canyon, Animal? Chaya Venice, Moonshadow.
Tried the Wilshre the last time around - and that worked!

2. Sunday dinner on the Westside with date. Ambience would be great, but food/experience more unique to LA is a must :). No specific thoughts on budget.

Options: Bazaar, Animal, Gjelina, Father's Office?

3. Sunday brunch place with friend in Santa Monica.
Options: Father's Office. Monte Alban. Anything with a view?

4. Mexican taco truck convenient to Santa Monica
Running out of steam here. Any recs?

5. Delicious lunch takeout near the Griffiths Observatory?

Will report back. Thanks in advance

Chaya Venice
110 Navy Street, Venice, CA 90291

Monte Alban
11927 Santa Monica Blvd, Los Angeles, CA

Father's Office Bar
1618 Montana Ave, Santa Monica, CA

1429 Abbot Kinney Blvd., Venice, CA 90291, USA

Apr 24, 2010
Rafie in Los Angeles Area

Promising new restaurants with buzz (23rd st and below)?

Looking to get jazzed to try something new that people are buzzing about.

Preferably below 23rd St. Open to any cuisine, any price range under $35/entree.

Any suggestions?

Feb 27, 2010
Rafie in Manhattan

Midtown Italian with great food, good bar scene?

Thanks all for the excellent suggestions!

As bosses are wont to do, he totally bypassed the suggestions I made (and yours too, which I passed on) - and ended up at Beppe in WV.

Using Chowhound in the future for MY own purposes! Appreciate the weighing in :)

Jan 21, 2010
Rafie in Manhattan

Midtown Italian with great food, good bar scene?

I'm posting this request for my boss who's looking for a good midtown italian joint with great food and a solid bar scene

In his words, what he's NOTlooking for is the nice Italian restaurant with an afterthought of a bar scene.

Prices should be under $35/plate ideally for a casual business dinner.

I've suggested Insieme, A Voce Columbus Square, Alto and Convivio. Any other recs - or choices amongst that bunch?

Jan 19, 2010
Rafie in Manhattan

Broccoli stem lovers: What are your cutting and trimming tricks (knife, mandolin, processor, grater) to produce your favorite uses for this beloved stem?

I love broccoli stems. Wish sometimes there were more stem!

I too use a knife and just get rid of the tough outer layer. Then cut it into matchsticks, dropped into a bowl with a little salt and slotted into the fridge for an afternoon of sitting.

it's delicious and so refreshing as a side dish or snack!

Sep 12, 2009
Rafie in Home Cooking

Affordable GREAT eats (under $20, below 28th, above Houston)

thank you, guys!

Sep 12, 2009
Rafie in Manhattan

Affordable GREAT eats (under $20, below 28th, above Houston)

I’m stumped…

Trying to add to my regular stable of good (affordable) eats, and I'm grasping at draws as to what to try that would be good and interesting close by.

The criterion for me: Affordable, casual, but great meals out (<$20 for an entrée), below 28th St and above Houston, central-to-east side preference but I'll travel if it's good.

So far, my standbys are: Ippudo, Setagaya, Momo Ssam, Posto, Hill Country, Shake Shack, Mogador, Caracas, Saravanaas, Kanoyama, Moustache, Zum Schneider when I can make it out there, Grand Sichuan (St Marks), Baoguette, Zabb City.

Places I’ve been “meh” about: Ino, Inoteca, Kasadela, Aroma, the new Currywurst place...and too many others to name.

Examples of the range I’m seeking from the UWS (where I used to live): Chirping Chicken (underrated), Hampton Chutney Company, Kefi, Nice Matin, Gari

Any suggestions? Thanks!

Sep 11, 2009
Rafie in Manhattan