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Chicago Style Italian Beef Sandwich in Los Angeles?

If only CA could have a beef stand on every corner like we already have taco stands on top of each other.

To get a true Chicago style beef, combo, square pizza -- oh yeah -- one must go to Chicago. You are correct sir to say that Joe Mantegna's is about as close as it gets to "Chicago Style". However, let me just point out a list of things that make Joe Mantegna's "Taste of Chicago" a joke:

1) Hot Dogs - they must import them a small town in Mexico called Chicago cause they ain't no Vienna Red Hots Those things are what gives a hot dog a bad name. The casing is too thick & it tastes like a Slim Jim or similar type sausage -- they are not Chicago Hot Dogs;
2) Pizza - talk about a joke -- it was no different than any other CA pizza made by a latino. Do not waste your hard earned money on this one.

3) Ribs: - not too bad. Next time I go I am hopeful that I can ask for the sauce on the side so I can taste the pork. Overall not too bad;
4) Italian Sausage - again, not too bad. I like a cobo w/hot sauce. I believe they only offer some crapy Mexican hot sauce from a bottle.

They have the audacity to serve hot Mexican style vegtables as if I wanted to wrap my combo in a corn tortilla & ask for a shot of tequlia.

What we need in LA is Aurelio's Pizza. Now your talkin PIZZA!!!!

Dec 31, 2012
Dami17 in Los Angeles Area