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Osaka bakeries

its already been recommended, but i second it, boulangerie takagi

They have really good pastries up front, eclairs and whatnot, and the mochi-mochi pan is really good and is usually coming out hot. if you come out of takagi and make a right, go down for two or three blocks, theres a good old fashioned coffee shop, cafe SANTOS. This is all pretty close to Utsubo park, which is where takeuchi is. Edobori area, nearby utsubo park, has lots of old lunch places and cafes, really interesting. If you cross yotsubashi street, from takagi, thats where all the small restaurants are.

Jan 01, 2013
kansaitatami in Japan

Michael Booth's "Sushi and Beyond"

thanks a lot! i will check this place out over the break. i can imagine what it will be like, but takatsuki is nearby, so why not? thanks again!

Dec 29, 2012
kansaitatami in Japan

Michael Booth's "Sushi and Beyond"

Most of the restaurants visited are named, but one udon place in Osaka, which he says would be his dying wish last meal went unnamed. Does anyone know which place this could be? One that serves gyoza in udon, so it must be a little unique.

Dec 28, 2012
kansaitatami in Japan