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2014 - Best Sushi Omakase

Great thread. appreciate everyone's thoughts. Wondering if any of the recommended sushi places would be ok with us bringing a well behaved toddler. Thinking of doing the first seating at lunch to try and not be a distraction and sitting at a table. Being a parent has changed dining out significantly. Wouldn't want to be inconsiderate to the restaurant or other patrons. Thanks for any advice in advance!

Jun 19, 2015
Oogs18 in Los Angeles Area

Jumbo yakiniku help

Cant wait to eat at jumb tonight. Going to the shirokane location. Since we dont speak japanese wanted some help ordering. Was planning on just ordering omekase and letting then take care of us. Would like to try the misuji cut and zabanti cuts also. Is that part of the omekase? Thanks for your help.

Dec 28, 2012
Oogs18 in Japan