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Private (or semi-private) room for brunch, 35 people, $40 budget

I have done a great deal of searching on the chowhound boards, but I have yet to find anything that is quite right. I am looking to do a rehearsal brunch (instead of dinner) before our wedding. It will be between 30 and 35 people and we are looking to have at least one alcoholic beverage included, for under $40 dollars (before tax and tip). Any neighborhood works. The best deal I found so far is Saxon and Parole, which is $38. Many in past posts have recommended Jane, which doesn't seem to be quite the atmosphere I was hoping for, as the room is downstairs and I was hoping for something a bit homier or airier. The other I have seen suggested is The Smith but they have a high minimum for the room, as does Freeman's. Any other chowhound suggestions? MUCH appreciated, as I feel like I have exhausted google!

Thank you!

Saxon and Parole
316 Bowery

100 W Houston

The Smith
55 3rd Avenue

191 Chrystie

Dec 27, 2012
mgm25 in Manhattan