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Best Chocolate in Paris?

I've been here on French exchange I'ma student for about 5 weeks now and for Christmas I was given a box of chocolates by the grandmother, who I suspect knows more about Paris than I do :P Anyway, they were undoubtedly the most amazing chocolates I have ever tasted. The fillings were incredibly smooth, and although not as creative as some of the chocolatiers in Paris were complex and subtle. This afternoon I went and tried Patrick Rogers chocolates and they simply did not compare. Anyway, the name of this place is Noir Blanc Lait and it is actually just outside the Périphérique in a place called Saint Cloud... I highly recommend it.

Jan 09, 2013
Jordansr in France

Canelés - simple but not easy - Part V

I might just be jumping into the deep end here, because to date this will have been the first post I have ever made on Chowhound.

Currently a student on exchange, I came across these little gems on a tour around Bordeaux and decided that I had to try and make them when I got home. So I looked around some of the stores here for the little molds, and found a shop selling the copper ones for 6€ each, and bought 6... Though, having followed most of this thread and the prior threads about Caneles, it seems I have a really good deal here so I might capitalize on that and get some more... Anyway, I've been paging through your posts, and while I've found a lot of what you've said to be useful, all the information seems fragmented to me... Perhaps there is a summary made by one of you guys that I've overlooked as of yet? Or if there isn't, could one of you guys please post one up? :P Also, I'm not sure if it's already been mentioned yet, but on Paula Wolfert's recipe - she wrote an article about while back specifying that the molds should be ice cold when they go into the oven... Link is here

Thanks for all the advice you've published so far, and in advance for whatever your reply is... May the god of Caneles shine upon you in the new year to come :)

Dec 27, 2012
Jordansr in Home Cooking