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Good butter tart in East York

Chef Robert at Catered Affare..He sells them at flea markets.
Best i have ever tried,his scones and brownies are the equal

Tough Striploin at Costco!

meat looked and smelt fine..lots of marbeling.
Let sit out half hour,seasoned and grilled M R...Tough.
Are outside say Quater..Not Center supposed to be the same as center on tenderness?

Tough Striploin at Costco!

I bought my first striploin from Costco last week.
I was totally disappointed.
Beef was tough center to outside!
Being a pro chef i know my beef.
They say there meat is triple A..,I have doubts.
i returned it for full refund

Ben & Izzy's

Not sure what the hype is all about!
Overpriced,lousy service and will not return

Delancey kosher foods

I have seen there products start to pop up at Loblaws,Sobies,Metro and No Frills.
Has anyone tried there products,i would like feedback before I purchase