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marinating fish on the counter

My husband ate it, and so did one of my daughters. They seem fine, got lucky maybe. I just couldnt bring myself to take a bite, which is a decision I'm pretty OK with. Thanks everyone for your help.

Nov 27, 2014
vanyali in General Topics

Spatchcocking/butterflying in a Big Green Egg (or on a grill)?

I spatchcocked a turkey this year for an early thanksgiving dinner and it was fantastic. I will never cook a turkey again in any other way. The skin all turned out nicely, and the bird cooked quicker overall. I haven't tried it on any sort of grill, though, so I would be interested to hear what you and your friend thought after trying it.

marinating fish on the counter

I don't know why it is on the counter but it has to have been there for a good 7-8 hours by now, so I figure it's too late to mention moving it to the fridge. So I'm wondering about the costs and benefits of eating it and getting sick vs telling my husband and kids to avoid it and possibly causing friction with the in-laws.

Nov 26, 2014
vanyali in General Topics

girlfriend is alergic to mushrooms. my favorite mamacaroni and cheese recipe calls for cream of mushroom soup. does anyone have a suggestion of a substitute i could use?

You could always just make your own sauce. It isn't too hard. Melt spoonful of butter in pan, throw on spoonful of flour, stir to mix, then pour milk over and mix until you have a white sauce. Then add whatever cheese or flavor you want. No worries about allergens sneaking in under the radar.

The cream soup I think is just a ready made substitute for the white sauce. But white sauce is cheap and easy to make, so it is worth a try.

good luck.

marinating fish on the counter

So I am at the in-laws place. My mother in law has been marinating salmon for dinner out on the counter since at least 6 this morning. I don't know what the marinade is but I imagine it's Italian dressing. What are the chances that the stuff won't give my family food poisoning tonight?

Nov 26, 2014
vanyali in General Topics

Uses for Tempoyak

I have a small amount of Tempoyak fermenting in a jar on my counter (fresh durian mashed with salt and sealed in a jar). I was planning to mix it with mashed chillis to make a sambal, but I was wondering if anyone had any other uses for it? I was looking at chillis at the store today and they were all moldy, which put the breaks on my sambal ambitions for the time being and started my thinking outside-the-box.

I was wondering, what about mixing it with mango for a sort of chutney or BBQ sauce with pulled pork?

Or if I did make a sambal (eventually, when I find some good chillis), would it be cool to mix a bit of roasted shrimp paste in with the durian and chillis, or is that overkill?

Does anyone have any other uses for this jar of Tempoyak? I used very good durian for it (I just bought too much and couldn't finish it fresh, but it was good!)

May 05, 2013
vanyali in Home Cooking

Truffle Origins: Does tree species make a difference?


I was browsing a website selling truffles, and saw a claim that the species of tree that the truffle (melanosporum) was harvested from affected the character of the truffle.

Have any of you heard this claim before? Have you ever had the chance to sample truffles from different species of tree?

Have you ever heard of melanosporum growing on the roots of walnut trees? Does the high concentration of juglone in the roots of walnut trees affect the truffles one way or another?


Dec 24, 2012
vanyali in General Topics