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SF for one week—how are my choices?

Right. Like I said, both restaurants serve excellent food.

SF for one week—how are my choices?

You will have a wonderful meal at either restaurant; I wouldn't say that one is superior to the other.

However, while Quince certainly serves variety meats (oxtails, pig ears, etc.), Incanto really goes out on a limb to obtain exotic cuts for jaded palates.

Which Restaurant has the Best Gnocchi?

Defina or Quince, or the ricotta gnocchi at Zuni.

Good pizza in Middletown, CT?

First and Last Tavern on Main Street does a decent pizza.


In response to poulet, I agree with you that in the past the attitude of the staff was off-putting. However, the last time I was there (three weeks ago), it was an entirely new crew fom the one I was used to (including a long-time cook from Quince). They were speedy, proffessional, and polite.


Pizzetta 211 on California and 23rd Ave.

There's nothing much like it on the East Coat (I grew up in New Haven): thin-crusted pizza (as good as one can get from a deck oven), daily-changing menu, and innovative toppings from the farmer's market. Delicious and special.

It's tiny, however, so I'd only go at an "off" time- say, 2pm on a Sunday!

Dinner in San Franscisco With Daughter

Good suggestion.

Sunday Brunch

The best brunch I've had recently was at Liberty Cafe in Bernal Heights.

Dinner walking distance fm 1 Market/Ferry Plaza?

My reply was to Carrie 218 regarding Boulevard.

Dinner walking distance fm 1 Market/Ferry Plaza?

I subscribe that more to Nancy Oakes' New England upbringng than to anything else- epecially when I occasionally see items on her menu like succotash, blueberry buckle, and red flannel hash.

Dinner walking distance fm 1 Market/Ferry Plaza?

Mediocre? Wow!

I think of it as a fun, splash, "big city" restauraunt that serves delicious food. Is it my favorite restaurant? No, but everytime I go I have a great time.

ISO: cheap canning supplies in Sonoma county

Okay, so the product will spoil, but you won't get "bot". Still a good reason not to reuse lids.

curran theatre

Johnny Rockets, closeby at Powell and Mason.

ISO: cheap canning supplies in Sonoma county

Use caution when buying second-hand equipment!

Screw bands and jars are fine to reuse if they're in excellent condition, but lids should never be reused when canning; the sealing compound has alreay been indented, preventing another airtight seal (a good way to create botchulism).

Romantic Italian- Need help!!

Quince, for sure!

ISO: cheap canning supplies in Sonoma county

This time of year, most supermarkets and well-stocked hardware stores sell inexpensive canning supplies.

Top 5

Why? He didn't imply either.

Top 5

It doesn't duck the tourists, but the Ferry Building Marketplace, as well as its Farmer's Market, shouldn't be missed.

A Single, Perfect Dish (and a Drink?)

Hipster? Maybe.
Dive? No.

A16 is it me?

It's not you. I like A16, and have had a good experience 80% of the time, but they do falter with the occasional soggy pizza and service that can be aloof.

Any news on Spork?

I had dinner here Saturday night. Long story short: rude service, mediocre food.

lunch at Chez Panisse--rec. plz!

The lunch dessert menu changes regularly (daily?), and usually consisits of a fruit tart, a sorbet, something chocolate, and a bowl of fruit. The fruit tart- made with CP's fabulous "crunch dough"- is always my first choice.

looking for "wow"...

Yes, indeed, with a minimum of eight guests required (as of a year and a half ago).

restaurant in Pacific Heights, SF?

Quince, fer sher, and Kiss Sushi in Japantown. I've heard good things about Bushi-Tei, but I haven't been.

Depending where in Pac Heights you'll be staying, Polk Street may be a short walk for you, where there are some good casual restaurants, or La Folie if you want to break out the plastic.

Solo Dining in San Francisco

Canteen dosn't have a bar, but it does have a counter. It's a bit of a squeeze, but the food's terrific and you can watch Chef Leary do his thing.


It's up to $8 now? Wow!

July vacation to SF- advice?

The trip to Chez P isn't so bad from SF; it's a BART ride and a few short blocks!

June Breakfast Tour...suggestions needed.

I'd add Full House Cafe in Oakland to your list!

What's the best veggie burger in the Bay area?

I don't know if it's the "best", but I do enjoy the housemade veggie burger at Ananda Fuara in SF (what I like even more is their Neatloaf sandwich).

It's hard to find a good veggie burger. I'll be watching this post!

CT ice cream spots?

Dr. Mikes in Bethel? Their ice cream is made on the premises and fabulous, although I'm not sure if they use artificial ingredients or not (I doubt it).