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Ai Fiori or Megu Tribeca?

Megu was very touristy. A beautiful vast impressive-looking place with a 350-pound ice buddha sadly melting from the heat of nearby flames, gorgeous presentation, snooty waiters, big bill, and the food is meh!

Jan 18, 2013
hevero in Manhattan

Best Chinese for Christmas Day

After a hurricane, early snow and Thanksgiving, our family has decided to follow a new (for us) tradition this year and have a Chinatown Christmas. We have three kids, all adopted form China, ages 6 to 10 and two friends joining us. We hope to open gifts in the morning and head to either Manhattan or Flushing in the afternoon. We want some excellent Chinese food in a place where children are welcome. Any ideas?


Dec 23, 2012
hevero in Manhattan