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Smoking a Goose [split from Seattle]

Thanks for the tips -- I hadn't realized the importance of a drip pan, so I'll make sure to rig that up -- definitely don't want to over smoke it.

A friend just sent me this blog post, which I found really helpful:

One thing I won't be able to do is a rotisserie. The good news is that my smoker tends to be pretty lean on smoke... Does anyone know if it's best to smoke goose upright (e.g., beer can chicken style) or is it fine to lay it on its back? Also, does it need to be rotated?


Dec 23, 2012
Gmauger in Home Cooking

Smoking a Goose [split from Seattle]

(Note: this post was split from this discussion: -- The Chowhound Team


Ok. Goose found -- decided to go with Univ Seafood and Poultry.

Any tips on smoking a goose? I've got a hot smoker -- think I can keep the temperature below 200F... Do I need to brine, marinade? Best way to know if it's done?

Thanks in advance for any helpful tips...

Dec 20, 2012
Gmauger in Home Cooking

Buy goose in Seattle?

Hi all,

I want to smoke a goose for Christmas. Does anyone know where I can get a whole goose? Preferably reasonably local, etc.

... I'd also be interested in hearing any thoughts / recommendations on how to smoke it.


Dec 20, 2012
Gmauger in Greater Seattle