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Recommendation around GW University

Soi 38 is very good upscale Thai

freeze palmiers??

I was planning on doing Ina Garten's savory palmiers with pesto and sun dried tomatoes. Felt confident that the usual sugar and spices would work but these wetter ingredients gave me pause...

Dec 03, 2014
rozziesmom in Home Cooking

freeze palmiers??

Has anyone else ever made palmiers with defrosted puff pastry and a filling, wrapped them up and then frozen them assembled to be defrosted, cut and baked later? I have done this before with other puff pastry treats but worry the folded layers with filling in the freezer wont hold up as well and instead of elephant ears I will end up with a mess! Thanks

Dec 02, 2014
rozziesmom in Home Cooking

looking for Boston based food/wine events or classes to get as a gift

Hoping to find something fun for my mom for the holidays and thought a wine class or something along those lines would be nice. Any one have recommendations of places that offer classes/events? In DC there are loads of wine bars that have rotating events but I am not familiar with similar places in Boston. Thanks

turkey day in NOLA - where to do

I made a reservation at August after everyone's suggestion - they havent posted their menu yet but I figured whatever it is will probably be good! Hopefully they post it soon though

Oct 07, 2013
rozziesmom in New Orleans

turkey day in NOLA - where to do

My husband and I decided to blow off our families and go to New Orleans for thanksgiving. I have been twice, him never. Any locals have recommendations of spots that may be open on thanksgiving? I assume most hotel run places will be but I don't want to waste a single meal on subpar food just cause its the holiday. Thanks so much

Aug 16, 2013
rozziesmom in New Orleans

I've forgotten the name of establishment in the District

there are several places like this all over downtown. I think some of them have Soho in their name

Any reports on Del Campo?

Just went this past weekend - they took over a previous restaurant space and I love the redo. Cocktail list is really fun, my husband got the Papa Porteno which was amazing. Service was really great. Food sort of ran the gamut - the bread they serve is really good, I would skip the seared provolone as it was greasy. The peruvian chicken was SO good and the steaks were great, as you would expect. The only real loser were the prawns a la plancha which was also the most expensive. I will certainly be back and I think its a good addition to the DC scene as we dont have anything remotely like it.

Seeking wine shop with knowledgeable, helpful staff NOVA or DC

Screwtop is a great shop/wine bar in Arlington. The staff is pretty knowledgeable but the owner Leah is definitely the best! Arrowine nearby is also great and lots of other non wine goodies to buy at both

veuve clicquot visit?

Has anyone been to the Veuve property in France? would love to hear any impressions

Dec 19, 2012
rozziesmom in France