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Best Place for Soup on UWS?

All i want for lunch today is a delicious, hot bowl of great soup? Any ideas on where I should go.

Dec 06, 2007
Cousin Larry in Manhattan

Dumplings on the UWS?

Where can I get good dumplings on the UWS for delivery?

Feb 16, 2007
Cousin Larry in Manhattan

European style individual pizza

I am looking for a place to get great individual pizza for lunch in a nice environment - prefer Manh but will travel. . .the kind that you would get in the SOuth of France or something. . . anyone know what I'm talking about?

Sep 24, 2006
Cousin Larry in Manhattan

Best UWS Burger?

Doesnt need to be fancy place at all. Just a place with a great burger and fries and decent beer. Suggestions please?

Sep 07, 2006
Cousin Larry in Manhattan

Best tempura in NYC?

The sweet corn tempura at Donguri

Aug 02, 2006
Cousin Larry in Manhattan

food adventure with a 2 yr old

Sure I have some ideas Balki. Take her the water taxi to Water Taxi Beach and have a burger or hot dog. Or, maybe you should take her for a walk across the Brooklyn Bridge (although its hot) to Grimalis and Brooklyn ice cream. My two year old loves to go for dim sum - gets a kick out of the carts.

Jul 11, 2006
Cousin Larry in Manhattan

Best Bar With Good Food With World Cup Showing Near Grand Central


I am going to be near Grand Central on Friday and I have to watch the Argentina and Germany game. Any good bars in the area that will be showing the game that have some good food for lunch too? Please advise.

Jun 28, 2006
Cousin Larry in Manhattan