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Veal Parmigiana

We will be in New Orleans next week, staying at the Roosevelt for 4 nights. I am wondering who in New Orleans has the best veal parmigiana? I realize that is a strange request for New Orleans, but I get tired of the typical NO food after a few days.

Feb 28, 2012
LCSteiner in New Orleans

Birmingham -- King Cake

I saw them for sale at The Fresh Market on Highway 280 on Sunday.

Jan 26, 2010
LCSteiner in Central South

Foods That Destroy the Roof of your Mouth

The first bite into a hot burrito! OUCH!!!

Aug 26, 2009
LCSteiner in General Topics

Sunday night in Birmingham

Food at Dyron's is delicious. Service is horrible. Our waiter tried to be funny but came across VERY rude. There were 6 of us and not one order came out right. They were corrected pretty quickly, which made we wonder why we had to wait so long for our food in the first place. I hope they have worked the kitchen and server kinks out because the food really was great!

Birmingham...Highlands Bar and Grill....

You should go eat at Fox Valley. We attend the SEC baseball championship every year and go eat there at least one night. It is about 20 minutes from the stadium, and believe it or not you can go there straight from the ball park. We have gone in shorts and baseball hats and have never felt uncomfortable. The food is DELICIOUS!!!

Birmingham - Royal Reds?

They had them at Crestline Seafood Company this past weekend. I bet they still have some. They looked great!!

Apr 28, 2009
LCSteiner in Central South

Foul odor in fridge

Thanks to all who responded. I have tried taking the fridge apart, no dead animal (luckily). I have tried baking soda, no luck there. I am going to the pet store to buy some activated carbon, then to the grocery to buy coffee gorunds. Surely, between all of that even if the smell doesn't subside I will have filled it with enough good smelling stuff to overcome it.
And thanks about the advice on the lasagna and pastry. I was very worried about that, so I think I will follow your advice and just not store it there. I can put some of the stuff from the regular fridge into coolers so I will have room for the lasagnaa and dessert.
I will let you know how the carbon and coffee work. Keep your fingers crossed!

Feb 22, 2008
LCSteiner in Cookware

Foul odor in fridge

HELP! I have this horrible odor coming from ym refrigerator and freezer. We have taken everythingout of the freezer, cleaned it well, (it's frost-free), and put everything back. The power has not been out, the food in the freezer never defrosted. Nothing that came out of the freezer smelled bad. The refrigerator part is used only for sodas and drinks, no food has ever been stored in there. we have pulled the unit away from the wall to check for the dreaded dead animal (Yuck), and we have flushed the drain with a clorox solution. Having said all that, short of just trashing the refrigerator, can anyone offer any suugestions? The room in which the fridge is in only smells if the fridge is open, so that rules out a dead animal in the wall ( I guess?).
My other questions is that I'm having dinner for 16 at my house on Saturday and am serving lasagna. I was hoping to make the lasagnas Saturday morning, then store them (in this fridge as there will be no room in the main fridge) until I cook them Saturday night. Will they absorb this foul odor assuming it's not yet gone? Could it affect the taste? I'm am also making a pastry dessert that I was hoping to also store o in there until I cook it Saturday night. Any suggestions?????

Feb 21, 2008
LCSteiner in Cookware

Garlic Rolls?[Birmingham]

Leonardo's it is then! I called them and they said they will sell them "cold" with their garlic butter on the side so I can heat them up fresh. Thanks for all the tips...

Garlic Rolls?[Birmingham]

Thanks, I tried to call them yesterday but did not get an answer. They may be closed on Monday. I did find out that Petrucelli's sells them and that they are good but that's a long way for me to go to get good garlic rolls. I will try to call Leonardos again today..

Garlic Rolls?[Birmingham]

I am looking for the best garlic rolls ion Birmingham for a dinner party next week. I have heard Petrucelli's are good but have never had them. I would like to buy them already made and just heat and sevre them. Any advice will be appreciated.

Birmingham Pizza

I, like another hounder here, grew up eating Davenport's Pizza so I have to say it is still my favorite. A couple of others to consider are:
Bongiorno in Crestline- they make the 2nd best pizza in town. I think at night you can only get their pizza to go but I am not sure about that.
Lovoys- Remember I grew up here, so I grew up eating "italian" food at Lovoys. I think their plain cheese pizza for an appetizer before a hearty helping of Veal (patty) Parmiginia is still one of the bestpizzas around.
Like Bettola, but pizzas are just too small. Like the pizza at Brio, but don't like how crowded and noisy it gets there.
As for delivery, I prefer Dominos thin crust to all the others our there. Papa Johns is too sweet, and Pizza Hut is just too commercial for me.

Feb 07, 2008
LCSteiner in Central South

M&M's by color

Go to www.mym& something like that. You can order m & m's in any color/combo you want.

Jekyll Island, GA this weekend - with kids

If your little one must have chicken fingers and fries, why not drive over the Jekyll Island bridge heading towards St.,Simons and stop at Spanky's? It has a lovely view of the water, and pretty decent food. It is very kid friendly, and not more than a 10 minute drive from Jekyll. There are lots of great places to eat in St. Simon's, but you may not want to go that far (another 15 minutes past Spanky's). Enjoy!

What to have at Zoe's Kitchen?

Their Chicken Kabaobs are quite tasty. I do not like the chicken salad as i have never found it to have any taste. Their chicken roll-ups are good, as is the Chocolate cake.

Dec 28, 2007
LCSteiner in Chains

Looking for Real Chicago BBQ

This week's episode of Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives featured barbecue. One of the palces he went was a barbecue place in Chicago called Smoque. It looked GREAT!! And it seeme dto have true texas/ Southern/ KC style barbecues..

Nov 08, 2007
LCSteiner in Chicago Area