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wild mountain brand honey

Coles Pure Honey Company
200 Mountain Ave
Piedmont, CA 94611
(510) 654-3803

This honey is like no real honey I've ever tasted. Are you sure you want it? Tastes to me like molasses and it sure doesn't seem act like real honey. The low price is kind of a giveaway as well. Made in Thailand or Vietnam or Ukraine (check the tiny print on bottom of label).
Good luck.

Americas Test Kitchen Online Cooking School (or, $500 for just ONE of several available courses. Are you kidding me???)

You can tell that he must be a cold bear by the way his "underlings" look at him - pleadingly.

I also have been a victim of their ultra-aggressive marketing and have received books I have not ordered. Maddening, because I really like the show. lol

Jan 10, 2013
camwi in Food Media & News