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Vegan-friendly and open Sunday evening near Parc Jean-Drapeau or Miles End?

wait, sunday evening, will they be at osheaga? or they don't attend that day? because there's an aux vivres stand at osheaga (by the piknic area stage)

as mentioned, aux vivres and panthère verte are both great choices. there's le cagibi corner st-viateur and st-laurent that is quite popular for their vegan food.


do you want the red bean paste or the mung bean paste (yellow)?
the mung beans (which is vietnamese, known as banh cam) is the more common one as you can find it pretty much at any asian grocery stores.

as the one with red beans, that'd be more in chinese stores like cocobun harmonie. probably can find them at C&T in ville saint-laurent

Vietnamese in Montreal that don't serve the usual

true. there isn't much on jean-talon e.
speaking of pas rapport, the sushi restaurant at the corner of st-zotique/papineau is now offering pho..

Vietnamese in Montreal that don't serve the usual

ho guam opened last year. it is still relatively new. good to know that the place looks good as they do sushi too which makes me very wary of such place

Vietnamese in Montreal that don't serve the usual

banh xeo minh on bélanger. they specialized, as their name suggests, in banh xeo (the savory crepe). they don't serve pho, bun bo hue nor banh mi. don't remember if they serve rice

Festival YUL EAT

but it says exclusive bar and concessions. maybe there'll be food and drinks but not from the featured chefs?

anyway, i know some who went to the brunch last year and it wasn't bad from what they told

Openings & Closings: July, August and September 2015

its too bad. its not like the cookies were bad or anything. at least, you can still find them around town

Food Events 2015

technically, bouffons is on their 3rd edition. previous 2 was all food trucks. only this year do we have restaurants joining in

Food Events 2015

bouffons montréal is back for another edition during the just for laughs fest which starts july 11. this year, its not only about food trucks but restaurants too

website: http://www.bouffons.ca/

i forgot, there's Nuit d'Afrique going on too so if you want some jerk chicken, there should be a stand during the fest

Recs for MONDAY lunch JTM/MileEx area

harricana during lunch time on monday is totally fine. its big enough and not that busy and noisy. during the day, its mostly filled by workers nearby

Best Long coffee/Americano in Old Montreal?

pretty much what others said. Différance is the only one worth going in Old Montreal

downtown, you have Myriade and Melk. there's Humble Lion but not everyone likes that one for i don't know why. its not the best but they still do a very good coffee

Openings & Closings: July, August and September 2015

well, its one step closer to Coderre getting a baseball stadium at the Bassin Peel.

so they will definitely do more around there

Openings & Closings: July, August and September 2015

Philly's is definitely a new sign. used to be a turkish/lebanese/pizza joint

Noble Bean Tempeh has moved to Mile-End

i think they will. there's so many businesses in that building and more specific, soupesoup and that culinary kitchen

Vua banh mi sandwiches downtown location now open

not as good. doesn't mean its bad, it's a decent alternative if hung phat is too far

Openings & Closings: April, May and June 2015

they closed an hour after market time when I asked them a out opening hours. should open around 7am. and today they are using a milder easier to drink coffee instead of their regular godshot which is the bitter acidic one.

you can always pass by

Openings & Closings: April, May and June 2015

there's guillaume baked goods and take-out pre-made food like salad

Openings & Closings: April, May and June 2015

yeah and it's free coffee

Ice cream 2015

thanks! vincenzo, that's one i forgot about. there's pile ou glace in little italy near jean-talon. very generous in gelato

Openings & Closings: April, May and June 2015

i'd be more concerned about café brûlerie than anyone else. that one may be driven out especially if st-henri competes in price which so far, they haven't.

and i don't see students going to st-henri to study as the market is simply too crowded and loud. they'll stick with larue and the ones on beaubien (those cafés will still thrive)

i'll see it more as a shift. st-henri could take out starbucks if they have good business hours (those hours could bring students for some late night studying)

Anywhere to buy tourtiere at JTL?

just want to add: if you want fresh (baked), boucherie du marché is the place. they have frozen too. and if you want frozen, pretty much any butcher shop and marché des saveurs

Jean Talon Market and vicinity (updates) 2015

he's now making croissant aux amandes too! just passed by to grab some croissants and chocolatines and i spotted something new and he said its the newest baby from the family. its very good! its similar to Guillaume on St-Laurent (without the almond flakes in the filling)

the trio are fresh out the oven at 7am. no point in getting there at 6am as he only has the bread ready

Ice cream 2015

looks like armoire à glace is better. last time i went which was last year i believe, it was at best ok. if they improved, that's great!

san gennaro gelato is pretty good. that basil is to die for.

kem coba is still my favorite especially their soft serve.

ripples, while they haven't introduced any new flavors, is probably the best hidden gem out there.

le dépanneur le pick-up has an interesting mille-feuille ice cream (mille-feuille mix in with vanilla) and a pretty decently good ice cream sandwich

fortune u, near mr crémeux, has a very good shortbread ice cream sandwich

if anyone heads to le petit laurier (laurier east), rhubarbe does ice cream on their side window and it's pretty good. there's bo-bec nearby too that has some good one

there's spoum ice cream which is near the dispatch coffee location in mile-ex that has some pretty simple but lovely ice cream.

and i heard good things about CRémy ice cream. he has a donut hole filled ice cream (soft serve)

i've been trying ice cream since april.. i'm sure i'm forgetting some and there's one in laval i need to try.

Jean Talon Market and vicinity (updates) 2015

oh, that's nice to hear. their breads are pretty good but now croissant? i'll never leave!


right now, we are in between season. when in season, kim phat would be the best place or marché oriental on st-denis. they are cheaper than chinatown.

usually, its end of winter (february to like march-april) and around end of summer (august-october. could be as early as july) depending on weather and regions

Food Events 2015

and a new thing, BBQ every saturday from Storik (didn't try but got confirmation) this is going to be a great place this year

Food Events 2015

there's popmontreal website as the marché des possibles website doesn't work anymore, http://popmontreal.com/fr/segment/mdp/

indeed, there's no greens yet

Food Events 2015

so marché des possibles is officially back today and there's some very good food vendors. made the round of the market and tried a vegan strawberry shortcake from madame virgule and it's quite good. tried one of the pie from hopscotchpies and was pleasantly surprised by the combo mango and rhubarb crumble.

didn't touch any of the food trucks as you can find them around town and frankly, the beauty of the market is the small local vendors

Second Cup on St-Laurent moving, Intermarché expanding

there's nothing on lower Main since its the tourist area and its mostly all chains. Kitsuné is the only indie (the only good one) that far south and closes to le Main.

lower Main is really a sad part except on des Pins that is starting to look like a prime area

Second Cup on St-Laurent moving, Intermarché expanding

not going to change a thing besides tourists in the area which tend to go towards chains. people who like indie coffee will still go to kitsuné nearby while those who prefer chains will go there